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Video Appointment Scheduling

Schedule Video Appointments with & Gruveo

Have you ever thought that you could use your time more efficiently and reach a broader range of clients if you could offer video conference appointments? Now there’s integration between and to facilitate your video conferencing appointment needs. Why Use Video Appointments? Fair enough, you can’t use video appointments for everything. Until the technology becomes […]

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The 2019 Development & Highlights

What we developed for you this year? 2019 has been an incredible year for building on this fantastic booking system. Ensuring that a scheduling system of this breadth and scope stays up to date, in the face of ever-evolving technology and changing online best practices, is an exercise in continuous development. Not only do we […]

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How to Add Clients to your Booking System [VIDEO]

So, you already have clients. You may have many customers in a database or you just have a few regulars. The numbers aren’t important. What you want to know is how to add clients to your booking system, whether they are existing or new to your business. The website (front end) of your booking system […]

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Google Reserve in just a few taps

Google Reserve on your Google Business Profile –

You might have heard that the Google Reserve function on Google MyBusiness integration with went live. We are genuinely excited about how this can help our customers, and we want to tell you all about it. Google Business Profiles – You can’t beat the 1st-page listing Google Business profiles have changed the game for […]

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Design Settings for Your Booking Website

We quite often talk about all of the custom features that make scheduling appointments and running your service business easier. However, today, I want to talk about the design settings that are standard to the system and how you can build a gorgeous and functional booking website with the fundamental tools available. When you […]

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Adding users to the system

Adding Users to the System [Video]

Unless your business is just you, the chances are that more than one person will need access to specific sections of your system. They won’t need to access everything, and you might want to restrict access to other parts of the platform. When you start adding users to the system, it is handy to […]

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November Newsletter

November Newsletter – Deposits, Instagram and so much more

The end of the year is drawing ever closer, and we have been super busy bringing new developments to your booking system. We have new features and system enhancements that will improve the user and client experience, business management and reporting excellence. While we’ve brought several new functions to the table in November, we have even […]

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Taking Deposits

Taking Deposits: How to Get Commitment from Online Clients

Have you ever had a client make an appointment and then never show up? I bet it has happened more than once. Even if you use automated reminders and take vaulted credits cards, there’s still the opportunity for clients not to bother showing up and blocking payments. Actively taking deposits gives your clients investment in […]

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Multilingual Hello

Multilingual Staff in a Global Marketplace

It might sound like a no-brainer that you would need multilingual staff to run a global, multinational or online business. However, the proliferation of translation software is becoming more sophisticated, and much of the world has adopted some form of English as their “International” business language. You might then ask, why do I need to […]

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Software Integrations with Zapier That Will Help Your Business

While offers a broad range of integrations and features that can help you manage a thriving business, no single piece of software can be everything to everyone. That’s why we have the Zapier integration, which allows you you to link your booking system with hundreds of compatible programs that also use Zapier integration.  […]

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driving school marketing

Using a Booking Widget to get Online Booking on Your Website

You’ve finally got on board and determined that online booking will simplify your life, the accessibility for your clients, and your business management. You’ll also save a whole heap of time in doing so. What you don’t want to do is waste the gorgeous website that you had professionally designed, nor do you want to […]

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