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September Newsletter: Operation Integration & Enhancement

Amie Parnaby
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September Newsletter - Integration and enhancement

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September, usually the month when kids go back to school, business begins to pick up, and people start making serious business decisions. So two out of three, ain’t bad. We’ve released a lot of updates and feature enhancements this month. Additionally, the new API and further Zapier integration are available for linking with bespoke systems and other business tools.

Life is not yet back to the way it was, but most of you are trying to find new ways of working in this altered environment. And with those new ways of working, you need extra tools and solutions to help you.

A Busy September

A month of improving on existing features and helping you link your scheduling system with platforms – no software is an island.

Mobile App Enhancements

New integrations in the mobile app
Do you use the mobile app?

The first iterations of the mobile app were our initial process for making your dashboard and booking functionality available on the go. As we have received more feedback, we’ve been able to discover what you need to have to hand on the booking app. 

  • Additional fields for intake forms and client details attached to bookings are available and accessible from the mobile app.
  • A new field type is now part of the intake forms on individual bookings, a barcode field.

Admin API for Integration

Our current API is JSON RPC based, and for the new version we’ve used the more popular and modern technology: Rest API.

With full documentation with descriptions of functions explained. Clients can use the new API to custom develop functionality within our system. The new API can also be used for custom integration with other external systems. 

Security Enhancements & Protocol Improvements

After our regular security and penetration testing, our systems have had vulnerabilities identified and strengthened. In response, our security officers have implemented new procedures for keeping data secure.

At the same time, all staff are going through security training (to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards). All of which will be complete by October 4th  

Zapier Integration  

Zapier Integration Enhancements

This month we’ve added new triggers and integrations for Zapier client apps for both standard and Enterprise accounts.

  • There are new triggers, for the client fields custom feature on the Zapier integrations, to streamline the transfer of client information from SimplyBook.me to external systems.
  • We’ve added the Google 2-FA security authenticator for registration on accounts using the Enterprise Cluster solution for their Zapier integrations.

Keep an eye out for an updated blog post about our updates to the Zapier integrations, because we’ve been making it far more comprehensive for integrating important information to supporting apps.

PayPal Express Integration 

As payment processors advance and become more popular, so too must we. PayPal Express has been the subject of many client requests, so we had to add it to our list of integrated payment gateways. 

Taiwan Specific Invoicing 

Taiwan has unique laws that require all companies working with clients to provide specific information about each transaction onto a state register. As invoicing is part of the SimplyBook.me system, for our customers in Taiwan we had to use the API for the specific payment portal ECPay.com.tw By doing this, we have ensured that our users can create booking and purchase invoice documents correctly.

Unblocking a Company

Until this month, if a user blocked a company, even if by accident, they weren’t able to unblock it themselves. Consequently, this meant they couldn’t log in or do anything with the account without contacting support for an unblock request. This new feature development will make it possible for users to log into and access a blocked account (within one month) with all of the security features, for example, 2-factor authentication.

October is Looking Super Exciting

There are several things in the pipeline for release in October, what’s more, they’re already in testing. 

Facebook Business Integration Update

Facebook deprecated our old API, so one of our immediate priorities is to ensure the quick rewrite of our Facebook Business integration. Don’t worry; it’s not a problem, it just means that we will get automated complaints about the obsolete API until we rewrite it – it won’t affect you. And it’s in testing now!

New Widget Themes

New widget designs are becoming necessary as more clients begin to use the integrated widget on their existing website. Seeing as everyone seems to want a dark theme option (I much prefer it) light and dark themes are the first on the development list, with more to come. Is a widget looking more attractive yo you than the booking website?

Booking Waiting List

The waiting list feature has been a mammoth-sized task, and we are so close now.

Once the waiting list feature is activated, the user can assign waiting list eligibility to any service or classes in their system with a checkbox. If an eligible service is full, but another client also wants to schedule a spot, they can still finish the sign-up process, but the appointment has a flag that shows it as a “waiting list” booking.

Once a client is on the waiting list, there are two options that a client can choose

  • The system will automatically add the first awaiting client ion the list, to the newly available slot – and will send an automated booking confirmation email, to let them know.
  • All waiting clients receive an email telling them of the opening. The first client to confirm will take the empty spot.

Make sure you don’t miss this one, it’s in testing right now!

Marketing Email Templates 

We told you that it’s possible to send bulk mailshots from your client and booking reports on the SimplyBook.me interface. With that in mind, we thought it would be cool to create some standard HTML mail templates for your marketing. Promotion and Newsletter email templates are coming to the SimplyBook.me Marketing Suite, very soon

System Enhancements

There are always little things that need our developers’ attention. The small stuff is often just as crucial as the prominent feature developments.

  • When buffer time is added to the end (or beginning) of a service, we will calculate it as working time. However, in the “popular service” report section working time and buffer time will show as two separate entities.
  • Automatic time adjustments for areas where client and company are in different time zones are becoming somewhat more crucial. Some companies have clients in regions where they don’t use summertime alterations or don’t change on the same date. This update will enhance timelines, calendars, and emails.
  • Security updates to ensure system safety are on the way. Password confirmation will be a requirement for system manipulations and setting changes.

Enterprise Cluster Solution Enhancements

Some fixes we have up our sleeves are just or the enterprise customers out there:

  • We need a fix for the company clone functionality. This will ensure that cloned systems will only copy settings, services, providers and other configured settings. Client lists and booking information should not copy across.
  • By adding the enterprise cluster login to the Zapier trigger function, it will allow for the ‘zap’ to only affect companies from specific clusters.

That’s all for now, folks!

Is that enough excitement for one month? Is there anything that you’re waiting for in the wings?

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