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A great restaurant reservation system

9 Features of a Good Restaurant Reservation System

Consumers are spending more time online every day. Unfortunately, we can’t supply our service and experience online in the restaurant industry. However, we can sell them through online table bookings. A restaurant reservation system is the best way to introduce user-friendly online booking for both customers and your team.  What is a Restaurant Reservation System? […]

Nick Shaw

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anti-fraud and spam protection feature from

Anti-Fraud & Spam Protection – Just in time for Safer Internet Day

This week we have rapidly released our Anti-Fraud and Spam Protection feature. Our developers have created and released it so quickly that I barely knew it was coming. However, as today is Safer Internet Day, it’s only appropriate that our amazing devs have noticed a problem, devised a solution, and completed the task quickly.   Keeping […]

Amie Parnaby


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How to Organise and Manage Student Events and Activities

As part of going to University or College besides the education, the best thing is the student life experience. From educational seminars and conferences to parties and social events, as well as activities organised by the student union, which you can join. These make going to College and University a life-changing experience that will be […]

Daena Skinner


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Escape Room Examples in Education – Centre for Innovation

Education is probably one of the most vital pillars that helps strengthen the young and unkindled fires of the youth generation. Children and their young minds today remain incessantly engrossed in playing video games or even checking out some newly-launched ‘cool’ video on YouTube. It has therefore left no room for creativity and innovation to […]

Charlotte Lin


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8 Considerations Before Running an Escape Room Business

8 Considerations Before Running an Escape Room Business

Escape rooms have become a sensational phenomenon in the world of entertainment! This one recreation has seemingly united people of all ages and preferences. Brands like escape room Tempe are generating huge profits because of their experiences cross-age sex, race, and caste barriers. A broad customer base is the backbone of why escape businesses are […]

Charlotte Lin


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campsite bookings with

Campsite Bookings – Making use of events and tours to enhance your business

Have you ever wanted to know how you increase your campsite bookings and maximise your attraction to multiple groups of campers? You know you have, and it’s the perfect time to make the most of it. The Summer is here, what’s more people are seeking alternatives for their summer holidays. More than two years of […]

Amie Parnaby


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Custom Features for the Event Industry offers many custom features that may apply to your business; however, with over sixty custom features, it can be challenging to choose. This blog post will focus on all the custom features which can be helpful for your event business – including photographers, event planners, tour guides, etc. Custom features can help you attract […]

Daena Skinner


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Photography Marketing

15 Best Photography Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Many people ask me, “what should I do to promote my photography business?” My answer is consistent: Take great pictures. And if you want people to pay attention and buy, be consistent in your photography marketing strategy. Not all photographers understand marketing, and not all can afford a marketing budget.  If you’re just starting, you’re […]

Jyoti Ray


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attract an audience to a networking event

10 Things That Attract An Audience To A Networking Event

Planning and hosting a networking event has many benefits for your business. It allows you to connect with the right people in the right places. This is critical, especially if you’re interested in expanding into a new city or looking to hire new staff. Of course, networking events can’t succeed without attracting the right audience. […]

Amie Parnaby


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Event Planning

Event Planning Booking Website In Detail – featuring The Table Service

You may have seen the case study about The Table Service, an event planning business based around the pop-up picnic industry, which has recently become extremely popular.  The original case study is centred primarily on the business and the owners. However, this is an in-depth look at how they used to create a beautiful, […]

Amie Parnaby


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scheduled entertainment

Scheduled Entertainment & Holidays – Back on Track

It’s summertime, at least in the northern hemisphere, and the sun is shining. Summer makes people think about the possibility of holidays, getting out, and maybe getting a little entertainment in their lives. What’s more, since many countries and regions have seen decreased infection rates and increases in vaccinated people, there is an excellent chance […]

Amie Parnaby