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5 Things to Include in an Invoice Template For Cleaning Services

5 Things to Include in an Invoice Template For Cleaning Services

Cleaning can be very fulfilling, but it’s also hard work. So, if you provide cleaning services, it’s important that you and your workers are paid for your time and effort. Invoicing and ensuring payment can be a sore point for cleaning businesses, especially smaller domestic cleaning businesses. It’s too easy for private clients to forget […]



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how to be a financial coach

How to be a Financial Coach in 2023 (With Limited Prior Experience)

If you’re knowledgeable about finance and enjoy helping others, you’ve likely considered being a financial coach. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you automatically know where to start. Or, better yet, how to start—especially if you don’t have tons of previous experience. We’re going to break down exactly how to be a financial coach in 2023, as […]

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anti-fraud and spam protection feature from

Anti-Fraud & Spam Protection – Just in time for Safer Internet Day

This week we have rapidly released our Anti-Fraud and Spam Protection feature. Our developers have created and released it so quickly that I barely knew it was coming. However, as today is Safer Internet Day, it’s only appropriate that our amazing devs have noticed a problem, devised a solution, and completed the task quickly.   Keeping […]

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10 digital marketing tips for law firms

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Every modern business requires solid digital marketing. The same goes for law firms. Besides being a tycoon of legal information, every law firm must market itself digitally. Digital marketing for law firms has become very important in this era. Since most of the population is scrolling the internet for almost every service, your law firm must […]

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accountancy business

9 Tips to Consider Before Starting An Accountancy Business.

So you’re an accountant thinking of starting your own accountancy business. No accountant jokes here; I know some vibrant and exciting ones. Going solo or even into partnership with another professional is no joke, and you need to consider several things before you think of quitting a salaried position. However, you have a skill in […]

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the Future of the Contact Center

Cloud-Based vs. On-Premise: Where the Contact Center Industry Is Headed

The pandemic has changed how nearly every industry operates, but one of the most significant shifts has been in the contact center. Contact centers are the perfect example of a traditional industry. Rows of cubicles, desktop computers, and landline phones bound by physical copper wires aren’t the usual suspect when it comes to innovation. But […]

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social media leverage

How Retailers Can Leverage Social Media to Improve Customer Service

Those of us born before 1990 might remember having to call customer service on the phone. For most customers today, that’s the absolute last resort. It’s no wonder why: they can get a quicker response through live chat, direct messaging, and social media. In fact, social media is fast becoming the most popular customer service […]

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Shopping by appointment

Retail & Shopping by Appointment: More than a social distancing thing

We all know that 2020 saw some pretty unorthodox methods for keeping stores functioning and businesses afloat. Who would have thought that doing your shopping by appointment would become something that you might appreciate? Sure, social distancing and safety measures necessitated most of these implementations. However, after a year of rolling in and out of […]

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banking by appointment

Banking By Appointment is Here to Stay – Moving forwards to a new normal

The past year has seen the environment in which we manage our lives, work, and live change drastically. Some changes we hope will disappear completely, such as mask-wearing and social isolation. Conversely, some alterations to our habits and have been supremely beneficial. Necessity has been the breeding ground of innovation for developments that have previously […]

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Public Services

Professional and Public Services Innovations

The world has changed rapidly over the past two decades. Technology has altered the landscape for businesses worldwide. Still, some sections of service provision have held fast to methodologies of the past. 2020 changed the way people access professional and public services, and even adjustments made out of necessity will not disappear. The public and […]

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Scheduling Santa 2020

Scheduling Santa – Shopping, Childcare, and More

This year Santa’s doing it right. No more massive queues, snaking their way around shopping centres, while parents and children stand for ages, waiting for a 60-second chat with the jolly old chap in a red suit. While we try our best to infuse Christmas 2020 with all the festive cheer and seasonal activities that […]

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