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Education marketing strategies

6 Key Education Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an essential investment for every business leader, regardless of their sector, industry, or niche. Both digital and traditional marketing strategies should have a place in your marketing approach. Even more so if you are in the education sector. Your goal is to elevate brand awareness and trust and bring new, talented students and […]

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Lessons for Kids – How to Keep Them Engaged Whilst Learning

Learning can be complex and challenging for younger children due to their short attention spans. Due to this, it makes it even more difficult for a tutor to teach as the child is less likely to be engaged in learning for lengthy periods without regular breaks. Being a tutor or homeschool teacher means you have […]

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Adult education & mid-life learning - an opportunity for educators to accommodate new types of learners.

Adult Education & Mid-Life Learning – Continuous learning is not just for the young,

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. People worldwide are working, living and learning longer. Twenty years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamed of ordering our takeaway on a smartphone (they didn’t exist) or working for a company in whichever country suits our fancy. Yet now, we can plan, live and work happily and remotely […]

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how to grow your tutoring business

How To Grow Your Tutoring Business

The tutoring industry is booming, with millions of people looking for professional tutors on the web. But how can you grow your tutoring business? How do you scale from having one student to having hundreds? [Source] It’s no secret that creating a successful tutoring business is not easy. More importantly, it requires dedication, a competitive […]

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Custom Features in Education

Top 9 Most Popular Custom Features for Education, Training & Schools

When anyone thinks about scheduling for schools, they think about students and classes. It’s up to the administration to think about all the other scheduling that takes place – or the province of a school secretary to keep all appointments straight and ensure all aspects of school life are managed. As if they don’t have enough […]

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How to Organise and Manage Student Events and Activities

As part of going to University or College besides the education, the best thing is the student life experience. From educational seminars and conferences to parties and social events, as well as activities organised by the student union, which you can join. These make going to College and University a life-changing experience that will be […]

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Escape Room Examples in Education – Centre for Innovation

Education is probably one of the most vital pillars that helps strengthen the young and unkindled fires of the youth generation. Children and their young minds today remain incessantly engrossed in playing video games or even checking out some newly-launched ‘cool’ video on YouTube. It has therefore left no room for creativity and innovation to […]

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wordpress themes

Best WordPress Themes for E-Learning Modules

Education has always been a business that stays evergreen around the year. You do not have to be a professor or a PhD holder to open an e-learning website, which is the best thing about e-learning. Lately, we have faced a global pandemic, which has affected every developed and developing country worldwide. Due to prolonged […]

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Educational trends in 2021

Educational Trends & Self Improvement for 2021

The world changed significantly in 2020, and children, school-leavers, employees, and employers have to approach education and training in different ways to seek optimal results. The educational trends of 2021 will see adults and teenagers choosing alternative pathways to knowledge and skills, while training and education institutions will need to make adjustments to their course […]

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University Scheduling

University Scheduling: A complex system requires a comprehensive tool

If you’ve ever been to university or worked in one, you’ll know that they’re a complex web of interconnecting systems. Not to mention the hundreds of affiliated and parallel entities that co-exist, but don’t intersect. University scheduling is something that takes months to organise, but there are ways of mitigating clashing schedules, student accommodations, and […]

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School Scheduling Online

School Scheduling Online: Parents, Students, and Teachers Benefit from Online Booking

Any school administrator or Headteacher knows the headache involved in scheduling a class timetable for a whole school. It’s an intricate web of ensuring available teachers and appropriate classrooms for subjects. Then there’s covering extracurricular supervision time and allowing enough time for lesson prep and student grading. That doesn’t even cover the additional requirements around […]

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