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How to Start a Translation and Interpretation Company

How to Start a Translation and Interpretation Company

Over the past decade, the language services industry has not just grown, but flourished. As the world becomes more interconnected, the need for professional translation and interpreting services has surged. From individuals to government departments, small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, the demand for reliable and accurate translations is a necessity to overcome linguistic and […]

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How to Handle Client Data Responsibly in Your Booking System

2024 Step-by-Step Guide: How to Successfully Start a Consulting Business 

Are you considering starting a consulting business in 2024? Imagine turning your expertise into a thriving consulting career. The possibility of guiding others with your knowledge while making a living out of it remains promising in 2024. The new year may be the dawn of your business journey with limitless possibilities for success.  Starting your […]

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how to be a financial coach

How to be a Financial Coach in 2023 (With Limited Prior Experience)

If you’re knowledgeable about finance and enjoy helping others, you’ve likely considered being a financial coach. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you automatically know where to start. Or, better yet, how to start—especially if you don’t have tons of previous experience. We’re going to break down exactly how to be a financial coach in 2023, as […]

Amie Parnaby


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tips for running and online business

Tips for Running an Online Business

Have you decided to join the remote work wave of online entrepreneurs that are already running successful online businesses from the comfort of their own homes? High-speed internet, powerful home computers, and digital payment systems have made operating your online business so much easier. If you’re ready to take the leap and become a digital […]

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Lifestyle Coaching: Make the Most of a Booking Page

As a lifestyle coach, or someone who is looking into becoming one, it can be difficult to juggle everything related to your business, including replying to clients for bookings, writing notes from each session, scheduling appointments and so much more. Employing a booking system would help you to organise everything related to your business from […]

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membership program for a coaching business

How To Build A Successful Membership Program For Your Coaching Business

Scaling your coaching business is the next obvious step as you gain traction, get raving client reviews, and get the cash register ringing. Before jumping and getting on the next big coaching trend, stop and reflect on how you would like to expand. Would an online course be an excellent step ahead, or could a […]

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marketing funnel

How to Build an Effective Marketing Funnel for your Consultancy Business

Consultancy hasn’t always been the easiest of trades. Sure, the COVID-19 pandemic has made everything a bit complicated, but landing new customers was always challenging. Especially when you consider most of the selling usually happens on the web where competition is rife.  You may have noticed that most of the competition usually starts things off […]

Rithesh Raghavan


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5 Skills to coach people

5 Skills You Need To Coach People

Our parents, soccer coaches, summer camp teachers—these people are just some of the first mentors we’ve had in our lives. They have walked us through life’s ups and downs. But there has to be a time where the student becomes the teacher. As you live through your life, you’ll find yourself adept at various hobbies, […]

Sumit Gupta


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Consultancy Business Booking website

How to Build a Consultancy Business Booking Website

If you run a consultancy business of any kind, you know that the service you provide is your knowledge, expertise, and sometimes support through the implementation process. Another thing that consultancies need to understand is that they need visibility online. No one will employ a consultant without two things; a searchable online presence and a […]

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7 p's of coaching business

The 7 P’s Of A Flourishing Coaching Career

Why are you in the coaching business? For the fame, the money, the chance to make people’s lives better? Given your career choice the odds are that you are in for the latter but, in reality, does it matter? Whatever your objective may be, a full appointment book is a necessity as it will provide […]

Ingvar Gudmundsson