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Health with Grace: Nutrition Appointments with

When it comes to health and wellbeing, a bespoke approach is vital. “One size fits all” has never been further from the truth in the world of nutrition and holistic health. Health by Grace recognises this, offering tailored guidance for optimal health by blending complementary, clinical, and holistic medicine. Using, Grace has set up […]

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Appointments Made Simple for Nutritionists with

In today’s fast-paced world, the wellness industry is growing exponentially, and the field of nutrition is no exception. Nutritionists, the unsung heroes of health and well-being, are often juggling multiple responsibilities, from creating personalised meal plans to managing their appointments. is the solution to the appointment management challenge, providing an efficient and client-friendly platform […]

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Boosting Patient Engagement: Smile Pop’s Use of Features

Smile Pop, a leading orthodontics practice based in New York City, has been masterfully using to streamline their appointment booking process, engage their patients, and foster trust through transparency. They’ve harnessed a range of our unique features, transforming their online presence and enhancing their booking experience. Let’s dive into how they leverage these powerful […]

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Enterprise Case Study: Empowering the NHS Trust with Seamless Online Bookings

At, we take pride in providing a powerful online booking system for enterprises that help businesses streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. What differentiates the enterprise solution from the SMB solution is that with the enterprise solution a Headquarter overview is provided whereby multiple subsystems (locations) can be managed. In the Headquarter overview, […]

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Smile Pop Case Study

Smile Pop: A case study for cosmetic dentistry with

It’s fabulous to see how our users employ to solve all their scheduling needs. This week we are looking at Smile Pop, a relative newcomer to, but not a stranger to online scheduling. Smile Pop is a leading orthodontic and teeth-whitening clinic in the Flatiron District in New York. It is well-known for […]

Amie Parnaby

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Choose a Healthcare Appointment Booking Software

How to Choose a Healthcare Appointment Booking Software: Features That Matter

Digital health is revolutionizing healthcare. The conventional techniques for providing care are no longer used. Nowadays, most necessary administrative procedures are handled online. And the key instrument in it is healthcare appointment booking software, where users may easily arrange an appointment with a few taps. While the traditional method doesn’t allow patients to book online, […]

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how to become a sports Physiotherapist by Dr Roshan Jha

How To Become a Sports Physiotherapist: A Complete Guide

Sports physiotherapy is a crucial component of sports since it has long been common for athletes to experience ligament and bone injuries. Do you want to work as a sports physiotherapist with the world’s top athletes and teams? Learn how to become a sports physiotherapist by reading this article. Sports Physiotherapy: A rising business sector Sports […]

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how to expand your remote therapy services

How To Expand Your Remote Therapy Services

Let’s face it: these last few years have been difficult for everyone. We have faced the worst public health crisis in modern history. We’ve experienced the isolation of protracted lockdowns. And we’ve experienced layoffs and supply shortages, and the threat of a serious economic recession. We’re all dealing with a lot. That means that the […]

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8 Ways to Use Digital Media To Improve Patient Experience

8 Ways to Use Digital Media To Improve Patient Experience

Patient experience is an integral part of healthcare quality. It includes several aspects of healthcare delivery, all of which are valued by patients whenever they require medical care. This includes things like good communication with healthcare providers, easy access to information, getting timely appointments, and so on. It all depends on various technologies, of which digital […]

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before starting a private counselling practice.

Top 6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Counselling Practice

There are a dozen different forms of counselling and therapy. Some require years of schooling. While others merely depend on a diploma and relevant experience. Moreover, those differences will depend on where you are and how your counselling will work. There are many reasons why you might want to set up your private counselling practice, but […]

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patient experience

Improve Patient Experience with Increased Care and Reduced Admin Cost.

When you’re in the medical and healthcare business, it’s easy to forget that patients are just as much “paying” clients as any other service. Even in countries with nationalised healthcare schemes. If your clinic has a poor patient experience and no one wants to come to you, you will lose funding. Another better, clinic will […]

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