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Boosting Patient Engagement: Smile Pop’s Use of SimplyBook.me Features

Daena Skinner
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Smile Pop, a leading orthodontics practice based in New York City, has been masterfully using SimplyBook.me to streamline their appointment booking process, engage their patients, and foster trust through transparency. They’ve harnessed a range of our unique features, transforming their online presence and enhancing their booking experience. Let’s dive into how they leverage these powerful features.

Google Reviews

A key part of Smile Pop’s strategy is the utilisation of our Google Reviews feature. This tool syncs reviews from their Google Business profile directly onto their booking website. Their high Google Star Badge rating is prominently displayed, providing immediate reassurance to potential patients about the quality of care they can expect. When clicked, the badge reveals the top-rated or most relevant reviews based on Smile Pop’s preference, further enhancing their credibility.

Smile Pop also utilises our Photo Gallery feature, showcasing their beautifully designed clinic with stunning imagery. This visual testimony enables potential patients to see the clinic so they know what to expect upon arrival. If their interior design is anything to go by then imagine the amazing work they can do for anyone’s teeth!

Showcase your services or facilities

Intake Forms

With our Intake Forms feature, Smile Pop has streamlined the initial consultation process. New patients fill in necessary medical history and specific orthodontic concerns before their visit, saving valuable time during appointments and allowing the orthodontist to prepare in advance. This proactive approach not only optimises in-office efficiency but also boosts patient engagement, as patients appreciate the personalised care and attention to their specific needs right from their very first interaction.

Ask your Clients Information needed for the Appointment

Google Translate

As an inclusive practice, Smile Pop uses the Google Translate feature to make their booking site accessible to patients of different linguistic backgrounds. This feature ensures that language barriers do not stand in the way of quality orthodontic care. By catering to a diverse patient base in their native languages, Smile Pop significantly enhances patient engagement, making them feel welcomed, understood, and valued regardless of their linguistic background.

Product for Sale

Smile Pop has taken advantage of our Product for Sale feature, offering products like orthodontic teeth whitening pens and dental hygiene products for purchase right from their booking site. This has not only provided a new revenue stream but also added convenience for their patients.

Additional Products for Sale at Checkout

Contact Widget

Lastly, our Contact Widget allows Smile Pop to be easily accessible to their patients. Whether to change an appointment or to clarify a concern, this feature facilitates quick and efficient communication, greatly enhancing the patient experience.

Allow customers to easily contact you

Final Words

Smile Pop’s journey is a great example of how SimplyBook.me’s features can be used to create a powerful and versatile booking experience. Their integration of these tools has resulted in an immersive and patient-friendly booking process, leading to a notable increase in bookings and a stronger reputation within the industry. This innovative use of features highlights the potential of a robust online booking system for businesses in the digital age.

Are you interested in discovering the array of features tailored to your business? Explore our extensive range of proposed booking features designed for every industry and find the perfect fit for your needs!

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