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Enhancing Customer Experience: Tannity’s Use of SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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In the beauty industry, online visibility and seamless customer experiences are crucial for success. Tannity, a renowned fake tan beauty company, is setting an example of how to do just that. Known for their quick, express 15-minute tans, Tannity understands the value of time and efficiency for their customers. Just as they’ve perfected a swift, flawless tanning experience, they’ve also mastered an express and effortless booking process. They’ve harnessed SimplyBook.me’s features effectively to elevate customer engagement, streamline bookings, and enhance their overall service efficiency.

Tannity’s Homepage

Build Trust with Google reviews

Tannity uses our Google Reviews feature to reinforce credibility and instill trust among potential customers, enhancing the overall client experience. This feature syncs reviews from their Google Business profile directly onto the booking website, making every glowing review they receive on Google instantly visible to potential customers. These testimonials give visitors a glimpse into the satisfactory experiences of previous clients, assuring them of Tannity’s exceptional service.

Visible on their booking website is the Google Star Badge, a representation of the hundreds of reviews left from Tannity’s satisfied clients. When clicked, it reveals either the top-rated or most relevant reviews, providing potential customers with valuable insights into what to expect from Tannity’s services. In essence, the Google Reviews feature enhances Tannity’s online reputation, acting as a catalyst in boosting customer trust and confidence, thereby enriching the client experience.

Display your reviews from your Google Business Profile

Foster Inclusivity with Google Translate

The Google Translate feature in SimplyBook.me is a great tool for businesses like Tannity that prioritise inclusivity. This feature allows Tannity to make their booking site accessible to a broad range of customers who speak various languages.

In doing so, Tannity ensures that language barriers do not deter customers from scheduling their desired appointments. The availability of translated content on their booking site allows customers to navigate the process easily, no matter what language they speak. This functionality emphasises the adaptability of SimplyBook.me’s features in meeting diverse customer requirements.

Streamline Bookings Across Multiple Locations

With a strong presence spanning 15 outlets, Tannity has turned the challenge of managing multiple locations into an opportunity to enhance their client experience. The Multiple Locations feature provided by SimplyBook.me has been integral to this transformation. It allows customers to effortlessly select their preferred location when booking appointments. This feature not only simplifies the booking process but also offers clients the flexibility and convenience they seek.

In the intensely competitive beauty industry, customer satisfaction is paramount. By leveraging the Multiple Locations feature, Tannity ensures a seamless, user-friendly booking experience for their customers. The ability to choose a preferred location brings an additional layer of personalisation to the booking process, greatly enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Manage your bookings in multiple locations

Enhance Online Presence with Instagram Photo Sharing

Tannity understands the compelling power of visual testimonials in the beauty industry. This feature allows Tannity to display their customers’ beautifully bronzed results directly on their booking site, with images automatically updated each time they post on Instagram.

This automatic syncing saves Tannity valuable time, eliminating the need to manually update their website with new photos. In addition, this feature not only enhances Tannity’s online presence but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Prospective customers can view real results achieved by Tannity’s services, offering them an authentic glimpse into what they can expect.

Keep your website gallery updated with automated Instagram sharing

Tannity’s strategic use of these SimplyBook.me features has not only improved their online booking experience but also elevated their customer engagement. Their success demonstrates how SimplyBook.me’s features can be effectively used to thrive in the beauty industry.

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