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Ossi Photography: Simplifying Bookings with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Ossi Photography Family

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In the heart of family memories is Ossi Photography, capturing the essence of togetherness in their newborn and maternity shoots. Behind the scenes, SimplyBook.me plays a crucial role, streamlining the booking process and enhancing client communication, so every session is as seamless as it is special.

Seamless Online Payments

The heart of Ossi Photography’s business is its clients. To ensure a smooth booking experience, they’ve integrated SimplyBook.me’s online payment system. This feature allows clients to easily secure their session, making the process convenient and hassle-free.

Understanding Client Needs

Before each session, Ossi Photography utilises SimplyBook.me’s intake forms to gather essential information. These forms help understand the clients’ preferences and special requests, ensuring each photo session is personalised and unique. From gathering names, ages, to due dates and more information, it’s the perfect feature for personalising each session from the beginning.

A Multilingual Approach

With a clientele that reflects Canada’s linguistic diversity, Ossi Photography makes excellent use of SimplyBook.me’s Google Translate feature. This adaptation ensures their website and booking processes are fully accessible to both English and French speakers, bridging any language barriers. Such inclusivity aligns seamlessly with the nation’s diverse linguistic community.

Building Trust Through Reviews

Client feedback is paramount. Ossi Photography takes advantage of the reviews feature on SimplyBook.me, where clients can share their experiences. These testimonials not only build trust with potential clients but also provide valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Clear Cancellation Policy

Life is unpredictable, especially with little ones. Ossi Photography has a clear cancellation policy in place, accessible during the booking process. This transparency builds client trust and understanding, mitigating potential scheduling conflicts.


Ossi Photography’s integration with SimplyBook.me goes beyond just easing the booking and client management processes; it enhances the overall client experience, making every interaction as memorable as the photos they capture. In a world where convenience and personalisation are key, this synergy allows Ossi Photography to focus on their passion—capturing life’s irreplaceable moments—while ensuring that their clients in Canada, both English and French-speaking, receive an accessible and stress-free service.

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