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Shutter Shock Media: Booking Enhanced with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Shutter Stock Media uses SimplyBook.me

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In the competitive field of real estate photography, capturing spaces in a way that both intrigues and invites is essential. Shutter Shock Media, a well-regarded photography business, has mastered this aspect brilliantly. Their expertise doesn’t merely lie in creating visually captivating images; it extends to ensuring a seamless client interaction from the get-go.

Recognising the importance of a hassle-free booking experience as part of client satisfaction, Shutter Shock Media incorporated SimplyBook.me. This became a pivotal part of their booking process, enhancing the overall client interaction. The dynamic booking system of SimplyBook.me, tailored to the unique needs of Shutter Shock Media, has elevated the client interaction experience, making every step from booking to photo delivery simple.


Here’s a glimpse into how Shutter Shock Media has integrated SimplyBook.me’s features into their operations:

In a business where visuals are the core deliverable, showcasing their work is imperative for Shutter Shock Media. The Photo Gallery feature of SimplyBook.me allows them to exhibit their portfolio in an organised, aesthetically pleasing manner. This enables prospective clients to view and appreciate the quality and style of work they deliver.

Service Add-Ons for Customised Shoots

Every property and client has unique requirements. The Service Add-Ons feature facilitates clients to personalise their photo shoots with additional services. This feature has not only streamlined the process of catering to individual client needs. It has also enhanced the client’s engagement and satisfaction.


Intake Forms: Capturing Client Requirements Precisely

Understanding the client’s expectations and the specifics of the property to be photographed is crucial for delivering results that hit the mark. The Intake Forms feature of SimplyBook.me is used to gather detailed information from clients at the time of booking such as the contact details, address and the size of the home. This pre-appointment data collection is necessary in preparing for shoots and meeting, if not exceeding, client expectations.


SimplyBook.me has not just been a booking tool for Shutter Shock Media, but an extension of their commitment to professionalism, client satisfaction, and operational efficiency. The trio of features – Photo Gallery, Service Add-Ons, and Intake Forms, has been pivotal in automating and personalising the booking process, leaving Shutter Stock Media with more time to focus on what they do best – capturing homes beautifully.

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