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Mania de Beleza - Beauty Mania

Find out why Mania de Beleza (Beauty Mania) uses

Since its inception, just over ten years ago, the narrative of Mania de Beleza | Aesthetics & Beauty Centre has grown into a success story. In the area of Méier (Rio de Janeiro), a traditional area of both commercial and cultural significance, the Mania de Beleza | Aesthetics & Beauty Centre is a leading name […]

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September Newsletter Coffee & Pumpkins

September Newsletter: Security Updates, New Interface, And a Little Bit More

That’s it! Summer is officially over, and we all have to get our noses back to the grindstone. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on the menu, and we have a lot of new stuff to tell you… Welcome to the September Newsletter New Releases – The things you have been waiting for Security Updates […]

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Payment Channels – How do you want to get paid?

Cash, Cards, mobile phones, digital wallets, the number of ways you can pay for goods and services is continuing to expand. So which payment channels will your business accept? To cater to the needs of everyone, you may think that using every available option is the best thing you can do. However, doing everything to […]

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point of sale titles

Friday Feature: Point of Sale Feature Functionality [VIDEO]

Whether you are an established business or just getting started, don’t you wish that your Point of Sale system would sync with your booking system? That’s why the Point of Sale (PoS) functionality in the system is designed to be easy to use and integrated with your booking system. The video shows a great […]

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Business Types, Sports, Fitness & Gyms
fitness business payment structure

Fitness Business Payment Structures – Get Yours into Shape

But what is the right payment structure for a fitness business that gets other people into shape? Gyms, fitness studios, personal trainers, yoga studios, all depend on one thing; getting their clients to come back. Payment structures for gyms and fitness centres rely heavily on regular revenue instalments, the overheads inherent in this business are […]

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SMTP Function

Friday Feature: SMTP function – Using your email server to send notifications [VIDEO]

Reminders, notifications, and promotional emails from your booking site are some of the benefits to your scheduling software. You can add a professional touch to your business emails by using the SMTP function, which allows your booking website to send emails from your business email address. Sending emails to customers is not just about email […]

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email marketing tools

Email Marketing: Still king, now and into the future

Some people seem to think that email marketing is dead; they couldn’t be more wrong. Email marketing remains one of the greatest drivers of attention, engagement, and retention.  However, as we go forward, the relationship between businesses and the recipients of their marketing campaigns has to change. Clients and potential clients require more value from […]

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Sales and Marketing Tools

Friday Feature: Sales & Marketing Tools [VIDEO]

No business can hope to survive and grow, without some help from a sales drive or marketing push. Even if are relying on good old word of mouth, it is still considered one of the most powerful marketing tactics, with the most significant positive response. To streamline your business administration, has some excellent sales […]

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Competitor Monitoring

Competitor Monitoring Tips & Tools – A Small Business Guide

Do you want to get more clients to your business? Growing your small business client base is not easy. If you don’t know your competition (almost) as well as you know your own, you aren’t going to make a dent in their numbers. That’s where Competitor Monitoring comes in; it’s not just for the big […]

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Appointments at fixed times

Friday Feature: Appointments At Fixed Times [VIDEO]

If you have a diverse range of services and service durations, you might want the flexibility of defining appointments at fixed times, that works both for you and the business.  Flexibility for your schedule At the initial setup of your booking site, you might decide to set yourself a timetable that is in slots of […]

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August Newsletter - Autumn Leaves

August Newsletter: Bug Fixes, Exciting Times, And a little secret, Shhh!

We’re reaching the end of Summer, and the chilled out and relaxed feelings are winding up to give some us some serious momentum through Autumn. See what we have been up to in our August newsletter roundup. Even our developers need some downtime in their lives. So, while actual releases are sparse, there’s a tonne […]

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