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July Newsletter: Updating Stripe & Personal Account Managers

Just because the Summer months can be a bit slow for business, that doesn’t mean that we can sit back and enjoy the sunshine.  It might be summertime, but living is definitely not easy; our developers have stepped up the pace to bring us all of their improvements as quickly as they can manage. While […]

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google my business service business

Google My Business – Why your business needs it.

In a digital landscape saturated with information, attaining a first-page listing on Google for general terms is almost impossible, without a lot of money and technical marketing expertise. The goal now is to achieve the top spot for your local area. Welcome, Google My Business to the stage.   Catch them as they Google My […]

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Case Studies
Green Penny, Andrew and Sam

Why Green Penny Driver Training Specialists Use

  Andrew O’Donnell and Sam Ghailan are driving training specialists. Their business, Green Penny, focuses on driving instructor development and fleet driver training. We talked to Andrew and Sam about Green Penny, and how they use to manage their business scheduling needs.   Why did you need a booking system? There are several reasons, and […]

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Appointment Scheduling System Features

Friday Feature: Appointment scheduling with Custom Features [Video]

No two businesses are the same, you already know that the way to get more clients is to differentiate yourself from the competition. If you have a unique service or approach, your appointment scheduling software should help you highlight it. Even small cities and towns can host dozens of hairstylists, fitness centres, medical centres, or […]

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Case Studies
coach booking system

Football Coach Booking System Outwits Competition for Coach Reza

During our London visit, we met up with some of our users; one of them is Reza Henry Udwadia, a Football Coach and Performance analyst. Reza has a Bachelor’s in Football Science and a Master’s in Sports Performance Analysis and offers both group and one-on-one training sessions. Reza uses as a football coach booking system, but […]

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Friday Feature: Memberships [VIDEO]

Memberships have long been a part of the fitness and gym business, but there is a growing trend of implementing a membership system for everything from tutoring and training to haircuts and massage. Retailers are using memberships too, Amazon Prime (you’ve heard of that, right?), Costco, and many more, charge a nominal fee for a […]

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Case Studies

Kathleen Birch tells why she chose

Last month, we visited Kathleen Birch at her spacious treatment room in Chiswick, West London. Kathleen is an inspirational holistic skincare therapist with over 35 years of experience in the professional beauty industry and uses as her website and booking system provider on her salon site Tell us, why did you want an […]

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june newsletter

June Newsletter: Zapier Integrations & Google My Business

While the Summer months are usually a bit slower, it’s the perfect time for the team to work on new features. So that’s what we did.  And we’ve got a lot more in store for you the coming month. If you have any ideas or feature requests for us, now is the time to […]

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zapier simplybook

Friday feature: 3 tools to integrate with + [VIDEO]

Last week, we wrote about how you can automate workflows with Zapier. The Zapier connector helps users to connect multiple tools together and to save time. In this Friday Feature, we’ll show you which tools are particularly useful for users. There are 4 triggers that can precede actions: A new booking is […]

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Connecting apps and tools with Zapier

It’s now even simpler to connect other business apps and solutions with the booking system. We have now launched a new Zapier v2 integration with more features which will make it even easier to automate more complex workflows so you can spend less time on administrative tasks. When to use Zapier Connector? Of course […]

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beauty blog

8 steps to starting a blog for your Salon

Nowadays, there are many marketing avenues a small business can take. Social media, email, advertising, SEO: these are all viable strategies. But, what if we told you blogging might be what you need to gain an edge in the market? Internet users readily employ ad blockers to shun blatant self-promotion. They reserve their trust for […]

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