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7 Steal-worthy Christmas Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Holidays are the busiest sales period of the year. Shopping sprees are in full swing and this is not something only big retailers can turn to their advantage. In fact, there is a wealth of amazing Christmas marketing ideas for small business.  They can send you off to a flying start in the new year, […]

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November Newsletter: Latest updates, Gift Cards & Client login

We hope you enjoyed November as much as we did and have started to prepare for the holidays by selling gift cards and offering promotions. Here’s what we’ve been up to in November. Gift Cards and Client Login One of the reasons we created Client Login for buying Gift Cards was to be able to […]

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Coupons & Gift Cards [VIDEO]

Learn how to use the new Coupons and Gift Card feature Check out our other Marketing Tools!  

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marketing tools

Our Marketing Tools for Small Businesses –

According to Capital One, 76% of small business owners face various marketing challenges on their path. At the same time, they are often overlooking opportunities that are right in front of them. So, if you are looking to boost your sales, enhance brand engagement or just get some weight off your shoulders, our marketing tools […]

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Sale Black friday Ideas

Black Friday Ideas for Your Business

Black Friday is just around the corner and end-of-the-year buyers are scoping out the landscape of deals and promotions. This means it is time to dress up your brand for the holiday season. Yes, shopping rampage will be real and buyers will need just a little push, but they must know about and recognize the […]

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enterprise scheduling software

Why Companies switch to Enterprise Scheduling Software

Most enterprises still have a form on their website where they ask clients to leave their contact details. Clients then have to wait until they are contacted and before they can the details of the appointment. This creates a lot of tedious back and forth messaging between the business consultant and client. What’s worse is that […]

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start a tutoring business

How to Start a Tutoring Business

Good tutors are always in demand. Across all age groups, demographics, and education levels, students require active support beyond what a regular classroom can offer. And to get the ball rolling with your idea to start a tutoring business, you need neither a teaching degree nor specialized training. But, if you are eager to start […]

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October Update: Coupons & Gift Cards are here!

We genuinely love what we do and are continuously improving the system so that you will love it as much! Here’s what’s we’ve been up to.   Finally here We are happy to share that we finished testing the new Coupons & Gift cards feature and launched it TODAY! This way you can dazzle and delight […]

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get more bookings on website

10 tips to get more bookings on your website

Letting your customers book online does not just increase sales but also reduce no-shows and increases customer lifetime value. According to GetApp’s research, 70% of people prefer scheduling appointments online over other methods and a part of them do so outside of business hours. So it’s no surprise that our users increased their bookings by […]

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