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Sports & Fitness Trends for 2020

7 Sport & Fitness Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2020

The end of the year is drawing closer, and people are beginning to think about what the new year will mean for them. For many, that means thinking about starting, maintaining or switching their fitness regime. Since a lot of people buy their gym memberships or fitness packages at the dawn of a New Year, […]

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driving school marketing

How to Manage Booking & Marketing your Driving School

Whether you’re an independent driving instructor or a driving school trying to increase your numbers and reduce your admin time, you need two things. One is an online booking system; the second is a marketing strategy that will bring the motorists of tomorrow to your door. How to set up your driving school website on […]

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Halloween Escape Room

Top 3 Most Scary Escape Rooms on

What can be more exciting than going to a scary escape room on Halloween? Halloween is all about freaking out others or even better freaking out yourself! I mean, who says only children should get the delicious thrill of being scared out of their minds? We encourage you to dig deep for your inner child, […]

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Seasonal Marketing - Frank N Vova

Seasonal Marketing Strategies for Service Businesses

Summer is gone, and Autumn has a firm grip on the northern hemisphere. Halloween is just days away, hailing the beginning of the most significant promotional period of the year. Have you got your seasonal marketing strategy ready for it?  Product retailers would have us believe that Black Friday and all the other “Special Sale […]

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Business, Product & Tool Tips, Business Tips, Tips, Tool Tips - Global Service Marketplace – The Global Service Marketplace by

Have you heard about it yet? The new release from is a global service marketplace. has all the benefits of listing your business on a directory, such as SEO, accessibility, and more customers, but your clients can book with you directly from the search result.  Why we did this? Everything we do with the […]

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Client Loyalty Strategy

The Importance of Client Loyalty – Getting it and keeping it

Your business relies on getting new customers and getting those customers to come back time and again. This kind of client loyalty is not easy to attain when price comparison has become so easy, and everyone wants the best deal they can get. Why is client loyalty important? When you welcome a new client into […]

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Timeline type

Friday Feature: Timeline Type Changes & How they work for you

Do you know that you can change the timeline type on your booking calendar? You might wonder why you would want to change the timeline type and what difference it makes to the way your clients book your services. Let us explain. Changing the timeline type on your booking website changes the way the time […]

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What does your booking system need?

Your Scheduling and Booking System – 11 things you NEED

When you decide you need a scheduling and booking system for your service business, you have an idea of what you want to suit your business. However, do you know everything that your booking system needs to meet all of your business requirements?  So, here I’m going to talk about the things you need for […]

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Custom CSS

Friday Feature: Custom CSS – Customising Your Booking Website [VIDEO]

While has over 15 different themes to choose from, there might be little bits of your chosen website that need the personal touch. Using the Custom CSS feature means you have even more control over your website’s appearance. Why would you customise our themes? Although there is plenty of room to choose an appropriate […]

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Side hustle - managing time

Starting a side hustle – Managing time, marketing, and money

So you want a side hustle. You still have your day job, but you’re ready to embark on your own project. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to gain experience in a new area, start building your business for the future, or you need extra income. The one thing that you have to do is […]

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Terms and Conditions Checkbox Removal

Friday Feature: Terms & Conditions Checkbox Removal

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or website you run. There will be occasions that require your clients to adhere to your terms and conditions. It is the nature of the beast that is an online business. To streamline the process for your clients, you may want to remove the terms and conditions checkbox […]

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