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Boosting Patient Engagement: Smile Pop’s Use of Features

Smile Pop, a leading orthodontics practice based in New York City, has been masterfully using to streamline their appointment booking process, engage their patients, and foster trust through transparency. They’ve harnessed a range of our unique features, transforming their online presence and enhancing their booking experience. Let’s dive into how they leverage these powerful […]

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News & Updates, Newsletters July Newsletter – Updates and new features

We hope this newsletter finds you well. As we enter the month of July, we would like to take a moment to highlight the exciting developments and updates that took place in June, as well as provide a glimpse into what you can expect in the coming month. Recurring Payments for Membership Subscription We are […]

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Introducing the New ‘Tips’ Feature

We are delighted to bring you exciting news from that is set to elevate your booking experience and strengthen your client relationships. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, ‘Tips.’ This powerful addition allows your clients to express their appreciation by leaving tips during the booking process or at the […]

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News & Updates, Newsletters June Newsletter – Exciting Updates and New Features at

At, we’ve been bustling with activity over the past few weeks and months, bringing you a range of innovative enhancements and features to enhance your user experience. Effortless Payment Requests with Admin App We’re thrilled to announce that with the Admin App you can NOW: 1. Send payment links2. Display payment QR codes3. Charge […]

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How small businesses can be GDPR compliant_ Why it's so important

How small businesses can be GDPR compliant: Why it’s so important

Every online business knows that data is king. Handled properly, data can be a gold mine for businesses. But if you mismanage your data, your organization could be in a heap of trouble. Today, we’ll look at how to be GDPR compliant and why it’s so crucial for small businesses.  What is GDPR?  Let’s start […]

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The power of online booking systems - Streamline your business operations

The Power of Online Booking Systems: How It Can Streamline Your Business Operation

You can’t rely on phone calls and emails anymore. They’re too slow, confusing, and inefficient for you and your customers. You need a better solution from now on. Something that works 24/7, automates the booking process and enhances your customer’s experience. In short, you need an online booking solution. An online booking solution allows your […]

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Why Businesses Should Schedule Employee Exercise Programs

Why Businesses Should Schedule
Employee Exercise Programs

The workplace is a stressful environment. The pressure of deadlines and repetitive tasks can overwhelm the employees, who are invaluable assets to the business. This mental and physical strain can negatively affect their work and cost the company thousands of dollars. One of the most effective ways employers can battle this mental and physical fatigue […]

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Create Email Templates that bring results

How to Create Email Templates that Bring Results: Examples and Hacks

Knowing how to craft an original and engaging email template is crucial in today’s highly competitive digital landscape. A well-designed email can help you stand out from the clutter, grab the recipients’ attention more efficiently, and ultimately drive results for your business, no matter the niche.  Having an excellent email template on hand for all […]

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Top Performer Appointment scheduling software

Appointment Scheduling Software Customer Success Award – is a Top Performer

It thrills us to announce that FeaturedCustomers has awarded the Top Performer in the Winter 2023 Appointment Scheduling Software Customer Success Report! What Metrics are Used to Determine This Award? FeaturedCustomers is a well-known customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software and services. It provides vendor-validated customer success content, such as customer […]

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March Newsletter developments

March Newsletter – Spring is in the air!

Time flies when you are having fun, or that’s what they say! It’s March already, and we are excited about new and upcoming developments for Search bar in Admin Interface Do you ever find it challenging to navigate the Admin Interface? We just launched a new search bar located on the top menu bar […]

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February Newsletter

February Newsletter – A New Year Brings New Developments

We have some exciting updates, releases and important news for February. We hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year – and that those resolutions are sticking for you. & Accept Payments Feature – You NEED to read this! If you use the Accept Payments custom feature but have not yet […]

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