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Starting a Beauty business

Top Tips to Consider Before Starting a Beauty Business

The beauty business has many varied and wonderful channels and niches to exploit. The trick is defining your goals and how you intend to get there. Do you have a comprehensive beauty skillset, or do you have a niche skill that will allow you to target a specific market? While you have hundreds of options […]

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Instagram Inspiration

Incredible Instagram Inspiration for Beauty Business

The beauty business is more than anything a visual one. People have every intention of coming to your company for whatever treatment they desire, and they intend to leave looking “more beautiful” – whatever that means for them. This makes Instagram inspiration a perfect source for advice, and a marketing champion for beauty businesses. If […]

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Business Types, Beauty & Wellness
paperless with Carsten Pleiser

8 Benefits of Going Paperless for Beauty & Wellness Businesses

For outsiders, running and owning a beauty or wellness business seems like one of the most informal jobs in the world. But we all know that’s far from the truth. While your customers are looking to relax, your pressure to grow your business is always “on”, from improving efficiencies to cutting costs to maintaining a […]

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Business Types, Beauty & Wellness
find franchisees

How To Find Franchisees For Your Salon Business

Like most business owners, you know, setting up and running a salon business has many moving parts. You’re looking for capital, employees, and customers to keep your business alive. But if you have crossed this stage and are looking to expand, there are many ways to do it. You can begin to optimize your existing […]

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How to raise funds for your salon business

How To Approach Raising Funds For Your Salon Business

Your salon business is much more than a place where your customers feel welcome. It’s where you realize your business dream, it helps your employees earn a living, and you explore new salon products to enhance the customer experience. But to make this happen, you need to start from a place of comfort. A position […]

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scheduling management platform -, the best option for beauty and wellness

Why is the Best Scheduling Management Platform for your Beauty and Wellness Business

If you run a beauty business, spa, salon or wellness centre, the chances are that you need to maintain a comprehensive schedule for yourself and your staff. As well as keeping up a detailed availability schedule, you also have all the business management details to control. So whether you like to maintain a personal touch […]

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Business Types, Beauty & Wellness
Barbers making more home visits

How Barbers Can Efficiently Increase Home Visits

Covid-19 has resulted in lockdowns in various areas worldwide, which has caused small businesses to feel the impact. Small service providers such as barbers have especially faced difficulty. How did Covid impact barber salons? Businesses have struggled with the pandemic, but it has not wiped out all barbers. The barbers looking to expand their technology […]

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How To Set Up An Inbound Marketing Funnel For Your Salon Business

How To Set Up An Inbound Marketing Funnel For Your Salon Business

For salons, driving continuous new business is crucial for their growth. As a salon owner, you must have an inbound marketing funnel to build brand awareness, capture new audiences, build credibility for your salon, and bring in higher booking for your salon business. If you haven’t set up a marketing strategy for your salon business, […]

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beauty trends of 2021

Self-Care & Beauty Trends of 2021 – Developing Trends for Salon Businesses

If ever a year was so spectacularly influenced by its predecessor, it’s 2021. It’s true for many industries and sectors. However, the trends initiated in 2020, and the circumstances of last year will directly impact the self-care and beauty trends of 2021. We can’t avoid the fact that 2020 affected the beauty industry globally. Statista predicts that […]

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Chill Barber Salon

Chill Barber: A case study

Chill Barber is one of many stunning booking websites on the platform. We had the opportunity to ask Ali Okhovvat, the owner, a few questions about his business and experience with online scheduling, and he was kind enough to give us some interesting and valuable feedback. About Chill Barber With three locations in Austria, […]

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Grow your beauty business

How to Grow Your Beauty Business

10 ways to increase your revenues and client base This year has been challenging for everyone, but the circumstances have hit service industries like the beauty industry hard. While you might think that your loyal customers will come flocking back to you, as soon as your doors reopened, the chances are that you will still […]

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