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Streamlining Equipment Access: How Modellbauwerkstatt Braunschweig Uses SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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We’re always eager to understand how our clients benefit from the SimplyBook.me platform. This case study provides a detailed account based on a personal interaction between Marko Frass from Faculty 3 – TU Braunschweig and Jan Drawert, our Head for the German-speaking market.

The Modellbauwerkstatt Braunschweig, a dedicated service at the Technical University of Braunschweig, offers equipment exclusively for students. With the complexities in handling administrative tasks, Marko Frass identified the importance of an efficient booking system to cater to the needs of the student community.

To address this, they adopted SimplyBook.me, our cloud-based booking solution designed to simplify and streamline the booking experience. This case study delves into the transformation journey of the Model Making Workshop, highlighting the substantial influence SimplyBook.me has had on their operational efficacy and enhancing the student experience.

One innovative method they employed to ease the booking process is the deployment of QR codes. Positioned prominently within the workshop, these codes guide visitors directly to the booking page, offering an intuitive means of access, especially when web addresses might not be the most convenient.

The Interview with Marko Frass of Faculty 3 – TU Braunschweig:

Can you explain in a few words how you use SimplyBook.me?

We provide various workstations for creating models as part of the model-making workshop. Students at our university can book an appointment for different equipment such as 3D printers, lasers, milling machines, etc.

What percentage of your bookings are made via the booking website compared to taking them in person?

Bookings are made exclusively via the booking website. Our students can easily access it via a QR code. 

Why did you start looking for booking software?

It was important to us to create a modern solution for appointment management and to reduce the administrative workload.

Why did you choose SimplyBook.me?

When looking for the right software, we first used another provider. Unfortunately, this one did not offer the range of functions we needed. That’s how SimplyBook.me came to our attention.

Was it easy for you to implement at that time?

At first, of course, we had to get used to the system, but once we understood it, the tool is easy to use. Over time, you keep getting to know new functions through the newsletter.

Has it solved all your business needs?

SimplyBook.me has simplified appointment management considerably, we were able to cover almost all our requirements, if not directly, then mostly via a workaround. Only the limitation to 5MB for file uploads in the booking process is not sufficient in our case. Since our files are often very large, we use another tool for this.

Do you also use the system for payment processing?

Since we only offer payment via cash, we process the payment outside of SimplyBook.me. We use the description texts to draw attention to any prices. 

What do you like most about SimplyBook.me?

The extensive functions, the simple overview of the dates used and the option of only booking via the university’s internal email address and being able to block user profiles with other email addresses.

Have you used our customer support, and if so, were you satisfied with the support?

We have used it for some questions and received help. Of course, we are even more pleased to have a direct German-speaking contact person at SimplyBook.me. This makes communication even easier!

Would you recommend SimplyBook.me to your friends?

We are strongly convinced of the solution, so we recommend using it!


The journey of Modellbauwerkstatt Braunschweig highlights the significance of modernising operations to enhance user experiences. By adopting SimplyBook.me, they’ve not only simplified their booking procedures but also improved the ease of access for their student community. The implementation of QR codes as an intuitive access point showcases the workshop’s innovative approach. Their story serves as an inspiration for other institutions looking to embrace digital solutions to reduce administrative challenges and prioritise user convenience.

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