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Isabella Kosmetik Studio: Beauty Booking with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Beauty Booking Page

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Nestled in the heart of Lucerne, Switzerland, Isabella Kosmetik Studio is a icon of beauty and relaxation. Specialising in a diverse array of treatments, from dermatological to aesthetic procedures, the studio prides itself on delivering high-quality services. The addition of SimplyBook.me in their operations enhances the convenience and sophistication of their booking process. This ensures that clients’ experiences are seamless from the moment they schedule their appointment.

Beauty Booking Homepage with SimplyBook.me


Isabella Kosmetik Studio places great value on client feedback, utilising SimplyBook.me’s Reviews feature to gather and display client experiences. This transparent approach helps prospective clients make informed decisions while providing the studio with essential feedback for service refinement.

Beauty Booking Reviews with SimplyBook.me

Service Providers

The studio’s team of professional beauticians and therapists is shown through SimplyBook.me’s Service Providers feature. This allows clients to familiarise themselves with each expert’s specialisations, ensuring they make informed choices when booking their beauty sessions.

Beauty Booking Service Providers with SimplyBook.me

Service Categories

Isabella Kosmetik Studio’s extensive range of services is thoughtfully organised into specific categories on SimplyBook.me for ease of navigation. These categories include Current Information, Treatments – Face, Better Aging, Eyelashes/Brows, Permanent Makeup, Sugaring, Epilation, Massages, Hands/Feet, Decorative Cosmetics, and Cryo Alfa Liquid Freezing N20. This structured categorization ensures clients can easily find and book the exact beauty or wellness treatment they need. It enhances the overall user experience and the efficiency of the studio’s operations. Each category represents an aspect of the studio’s comprehensive approach to beauty, catering to an array of clients needs and preferences.

Beauty Booking Service Offering Categories with SimplyBook.me

Appointment at Fixed Times

With SimplyBook.me’s ‘Appointment at Fixed Times’ feature, clients enjoy the convenience of booking their desired service at a time that suits their schedule. This streamlined appointment system effectively reduces wait times and maximises the efficiency of the studio, enhancing client satisfaction with every visit.

Beauty Booking available times with SimplyBook.me


Isabella Kosmetik Studio’s use of SimplyBook.me transforms the way clients interact with their services. By streamlining the booking process and offering clear service options, they not only uphold their commitment to high standards but also provide a customer-focused and relaxing experience, making them a distinguished beauty destination in Lucerne.

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