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The Hangout Gym: Booking Excellence with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Rock climbing booking with Simplybook.me

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The Hangout Climbing Gym, situated on the stunning island of Portland, Dorset, is more than just a climbing wall. It’s a climber’s paradise with around 140sq m of wall space, featuring a variety of climbing challenges including a cave, overhangs, slabs, and crack climbing. Through integrating SimplyBook.me‘s features, The Hangout Gym has streamlined the booking experience, enhancing the adventure for climbers of all levels.

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Google Reviews

Utilising SimplyBook.me’s Google Reviews integration, The Hangout Gym showcases real-time feedback from climbers. This feature not only builds trust among potential visitors but also allows the gym to receive direct feedback, essential for continuous improvement and maintaining high-quality service.

simplybook.me google reviews

Service Add-Ons

Climbers can enhance their experience by utilising the Service Add-Ons feature for convenient extras like shoe hire. This is perfect for those who might not have their own gear or are trying climbing for the first time. Along with shoes, additional equipment hires ensure that all climbers are fully equipped for a safe and enjoyable climb.

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The Reviews feature is crucial for The Hangout Gym, allowing climbers to share their experiences and feedback. These reviews provide prospective climbers with honest insights into the gym’s facilities and services. They also serve as a tool to gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement, ensuring they offer top-notch experiences.

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The Hangout Gym offers a range of membership options through the booking website, including an Adult Premium Membership, along with flexible 2-month and 6-month memberships. These varied plans cater to different preferences providing climbers with the freedom to choose what best suits their needs. The Adult Premium Membership, in particular, offers exclusive benefits, enhancing the climbing experience for regular visitors.

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The Hangout Gym offers an extensive “Learn to Belay” course, bookable through their SimplyBook.me booking page. This comprehensive half-day session, spanning 6 hours, is designed for beginners as well as those with some indoor climbing experience who wish to venture outdoors. The course covers crucial aspects such as fitting harnesses and helmets, tying into the rope, various belaying techniques, crag etiquette, top rope climbing, and abseiling. The session’s structure ensures that participants receive personalised attention and learn in a safe, supportive environment. This course is an excellent way for climbers to gain confidence and essential skills, whether they are taking their first steps in climbing or transitioning from indoor to outdoor climbing.

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Group Bookings

Group bookings are managed with the booking page, making it ideal for organising events like team-building or group climbing sessions. The platform’s intuitive interface allows for easy scheduling and coordination of larger groups, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable climbing experience for everyone. This feature greatly simplifies the planning process, allowing groups to have fun without the hassle of complex booking arrangements.

simplybook.me group bookings


The Hangout Climbing Gym’s adoption of SimplyBook.me simplifies the booking process, making it easy for climbers to schedule their sessions. This integration allows the gym to offer a better experience to customers, setting a new benchmark for climbing gyms. With these enhancements, The Hangout Gym ensures every visit is both convenient and memorable for climbers of all levels.

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