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Snipes Case Study: Employee Development using SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Snipes Germany Case Study

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At SimplyBook.me, we are continually inspired by the diverse and innovative ways in which our clients utilise our booking system to enhance their operational efficiency and user engagement. This case study showcases Snipes Germany, a leader in the retail fashion industry, and their strategic use of SimplyBook.me to transform their internal training and development processes.

Situated in the vibrant city of Cologne, Snipes has made a significant name for itself not only as a retailer of trendy streetwear but also as a forward-thinking employer that prioritises the continuous professional growth of its employees. As the company expanded, the need for an efficient, scalable solution to manage its growing internal training offerings became clear.

This is where SimplyBook.me comes in, chosen for its flexibility and user-friendly customisation options, our platform has enabled Snipes to create a digital seminar catalogue seamlessly integrated into their daily operations. This integration allows employees to independently manage their learning and development, marking a significant shift in how training is facilitated at the corporate level.

In this case study, we go into the conversations with Viktor Yabrov, Junior Manager of Training & Development at Snipes, to uncover the impact of SimplyBook.me on their training processes, staff engagement, and overall business efficiency. Join us as we explore how SimplyBook.me not only meets the unique needs of Snipes but also supports their commitment to fostering an empowered and well-informed workforce.

The Interview with Viktor Yabrov

Can you explain your business and the use case of the booking tool in a few words?

At SNIPES, we use SimplyBook.me as a digital seminar catalogue that our employees can use to book themselves for internal seminars and training courses. 

Snipes booking page with SimplyBook.me

How do you mainly market or provide your booking tool?

We have various channels through which we market our booking tool and offer it to our employees. We have links on our e-learning platform, present QR codes for the seminars on screens in the building and also use traditional channels such as circular emails to bring new seminars to the fore again.

Who is your target clientele and who books your services?

Our booking tool and the associated seminars can be booked by all SNIPES Group employees at our headquarters in Cologne. 

What percentage of your bookings are made via the booking website compared to in person?

100%! We have digitalised the entire seminar booking process. 

Why did you start looking for booking software?

It’s important for us to make everything we do as user-friendly as possible. So booking software was essential.

Snipes seminar

Why did you choose SimplyBook.me?

The ability to customise the booking page and, above all, to design it ourselves was what convinced us.

Was it easy for you to implement at the time?

Once you had got a feel for the individual components and knew which functions were hidden where, you were in the flow. In the beginning, we often used Live Customer Support when we had questions. They were always able to help us quickly and easily when things got stuck.

Has it solved all your business requirements?

The main function of the tool, i.e. booking seminars, works perfectly. Nevertheless, we are always looking for potential improvements and discovering new functions to make the whole process even more user-friendly.

Do you also use the system to process payments?

No, the seminars are already financed and billed elsewhere in the background. This is therefore not necessary.

Do you use the administrator app?

We admins use it as mobile quick access to check on the last missing participant at a seminar or to confirm bookings quickly from our mobile phones. 

Do you ask your customers to download the customer app to make recurring bookings easier?

As we work in an office environment and everyone has quick access to their laptops, we don’t promote the app to employees.

Snipes seminar

What do you like most about SimplyBook.me?

…that our seminars are now simple to book! 😉 

What do you like least about it?

A more intuitive interface and better labelling of the functions would be more practical to help you find your way around at the beginning. 

Have you used our customer support, and if so, were you satisfied with the support?

It was always helpful!

Would you recommend SimplyBook.me to your friends?

Not to friends, but definitely to colleagues!

Snipes Germany Essentials

Despite being relatively new to SimplyBook.me, Snipes Germany has adeptly harnessed the platform to meet their specific organisational needs. Their adept integration of the booking system demonstrates a commitment to digital innovation and operational efficiency. Here’s how they’ve made the most out of SimplyBook.me’s features:

  • Customisation and Brand Integration: Snipes has effectively utilised the customisation options to ensure that their booking page aligns with the overall aesthetic and branding of their company. This coherence enhances user experience and maintains brand consistency across platforms.
  • Efficiency in Booking: By digitising the entire seminar booking process, Snipes has simplified administrative workflows and maximised attendance at training events. This shift has significantly freed up resources and time, allowing staff to focus more on value-adding activities.
  • Employee Engagement: The simplicity and accessibility of the booking system have fostered greater employee engagement with the offered seminars. With easy access through various digital touchpoints, employees are more likely to explore and take advantage of developmental opportunities.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Snipes has integrated SimplyBook.me with their existing e-learning platforms, creating a cohesive learning and development ecosystem. This integration has simplified the process for employees, encouraging continuous professional development.
  • Client and Admin Apps: The use of SimplyBook.me’s admin app by Snipes’ administrators highlights our mobile solutions’ practicality in a corporate setting. It ensures management has the tools to maintain smooth and responsive operations.

As demonstrated by Snipes Germany, SimplyBook.me goes beyond mere scheduling—it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the complex needs of any service business. Their story showcases our platform’s potential to solve logistical challenges. It also enhances how companies operate and engage with their employees.

We love what Snipes Germany has done with our customisable system. They’ve embraced and integrated the technology into their training framework, ensuring employee success.

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