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Why Dog Field Rentals Are Choosing SimplyBook.me Over Other Systems

Daena Skinner
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Dog Field Rental

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In the growing world of pet-centric services, dog field rentals stand out as a flourishing business model. As more pet owners seek safe and exclusive spaces for their furry friends to play and socialise, the demand for private dog fields has skyrocketed. This surge has highlighted the necessity for dog field rental businesses to employ an efficient online booking and management system. Numerous digital options exist, but a closer look at efficiency, customer satisfaction, and growth shows a clear preference. SimplyBook.me emerges as the front-runner, distinguishing itself as not just a solution but a strategic partner for dog field rentals.

The choice of SimplyBook.me over other systems isn’t coincidental. It’s the result of deliberate design, understanding the niche needs of dog field rentals, and an unwavering commitment to enhancing both the client and customer experience. This blog post explores the core reasons dog field rentals prefer SimplyBook.me. It highlights the standout features, values, and services of the platform.

The Challenge with Other Systems

When it comes to managing dog field rentals, not all booking systems are created equal. Many businesses initially encounter a range of challenges with generic booking solutions. These systems might offer basic functionality, but they often fall short in addressing the specific needs of dog field rentals. Common complaints include:

  • Limited Customisation: Many systems adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach, lacking flexibility in customisation. They fail to tailor booking forms, scheduling options, or communication templates to the unique needs of dog field rentals.
  • High Transaction Fees: Operational costs can quickly spiral with systems that impose high transaction fees on bookings or payments, eating into the margins of the dog field rental business.
  • Lack of Niche-Specific Features: The absence of features tailored to managing outdoor spaces, such as weather-related scheduling considerations, can lead to inefficiencies and a subpar booking experience.
  • Inadequate Customer Support: Businesses often struggle with systems that provide limited or slow customer support, making it challenging to resolve issues promptly and maintain smooth operations.

These challenges not only create operational headaches for business owners but can also detract from the customer experience, potentially affecting loyalty and repeat bookings.

SimplyBook.me: The Preferred Choice

Recognising the unique challenges faced by dog field rental businesses, SimplyBook.me has carved out a niche by offering a solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Here’s how:

Customisation and Flexibility

SimplyBook.me stands out for its exceptional customisation and flexibility. Recognising the unique needs of each dog field, the platform enables businesses to customise booking forms and scheduling options. It also allows for personalised communication templates, maintaining a personal touch with clients. This level of customisation ensures that both the business and its clients have a seamless experience tailored to their specific needs.

Feature-Rich Yet User-Friendly

With a comprehensive suite of features, SimplyBook.me caters to all aspects of booking and managing a dog field rental. SimplyBook.me offers online payments, calendar management, and automated reminders through a user-friendly platform, balancing rich features with ease of use. These features streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and allow business owners to focus on what they do best—providing exceptional service to dogs and their owners.

Exceptional Value

SimplyBook.me offers competitive pricing with transparent plans, ensuring businesses receive exceptional value for their investment. The platform’s cost-effectiveness, extensive features, and superior support offer a compelling value proposition.

Outstanding Customer Support

Recognised for its exceptional customer support, SimplyBook.me ensures that dog field rental businesses have access to timely, effective assistance whenever they need it. This commitment to support helps businesses resolve any issues swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations and maintaining a positive booking experience for their clients.

What SimplyBook.me Clients Say

Let’s look at the tangible benefits through success stories and the distinct features that give SimplyBook.me its competitive edge.

“Using the Simplybook.me platform has been a fantastic tool for our business. It’s easy to use with excellent customer support & has simplified & streamlined the booking process meaning we didn’t have to create our own website from scratch. You are able to design your website to your own taste & is set up really well for offering dog walking slots.”

Wolvey Dog Walking Field

“I love how simply book is a booking site with an added website. It meant that I could set it all up at once without any worry of a separate website. My clients find the booking system very easy to navigate and as I’ve learnt along the way with the helpful video tutorials, I was able to roll out more and more features. What puts simply book above the rest though, is the support. There is always someone there within seconds to help you out. They always know the answer and are able to explain it in simple terms! Thank you!!”

Lodge Farm Dog Park

“Ease of use for both service provider and clients. Life happens so clients being able to change bookings within a specified time frame is a game changer in my view.”

The Perfect Spot

“For us Simplybook.me has been invaluable for creating a user friendly customer booking system, visitors to the site find it easy to navigate the booking pages and have commented that it is very smooth and uncomplicated, we have a high customer return rate and the booking system is a big part of that reason, as a company we also find the back management system easy to manage and are able to action amendments very quickly when needed, the added features are very welcome and are easy to switch on and integrate into the website.”

Hounds and Bounds Dog Fields
Hounds & Bounds use the SimplyBook.me widget for their existing website.

“We LOVE Simplybook. It has ensured that our clients can book and pay easily and we stay up to date with notifications. The fact that it is fully customizable in terms of booking times means that we can maximize our field availability. We are able to easily oversee bookings at both our venues, and contact clients directly from the User App. The client service/help desk is always available.”

GeniUS Dog Park

“Simplybook has streamlined our business. We wanted a simple but affective booking system and we got just that! Our customers often comment on how easy it is to book and that the communication is great. Which is all down to the reminder emails and text features. We are using many of the custom features and as our business grows we can continue implementing more of these features.”

Oxford Secure Dog Field

Innovative Features Your Dog Field Rental Business Needs Today

SimplyBook.me sets itself apart with features designed to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience for dog field rentals. Here are key features that make a difference:

  • Custom Fields for Booking Forms: Collect specific information about the dogs, such as breed, size, and temperament, ensuring the safety and comfort of all pets using the facility.
  • Integrated Online Payments: Offer secure and convenient payment options for customers, reducing administrative tasks and improving cash flow.
  • Automated SMS/Email Reminders: Minimise no-shows with automated reminders, ensuring customers remember their bookings.
  • Flexible Scheduling Options: Accommodate peak times, special events, and off-season schedules with customisable booking slots.
  • Weather-Related Scheduling: Enable businesses to adjust schedules based on weather conditions, ensuring the safety and comfort of pets and their owners.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: Track bookings, payments, and customer trends with detailed reports, helping to make informed business decisions.
  • Marketing Tools: Use built-in marketing tools for promotion, customer engagement, and loyalty building via social media, email campaigns, and programs.


The choice of SimplyBook.me by dog field rentals is no coincidence. Its incomparable customisation and features are tailored to dog field rentals, offering exceptional value and support. This makes it the clear choice for streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences.

By choosing SimplyBook.me, dog field rental businesses not only gain a reliable and efficient booking system but also a partner committed to their success. Whether starting small or upgrading an established field, SimplyBook.me provides the necessary tools and support. It helps grow your business and delight customers.

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