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Kate Brunette Hair: Styling Success with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Kate Barbulovici from Kate Brunette Hair, located at Salon Ninety5 in uptown Waterloo, Canada, stands out for her expertise and creativity in the hairstyling world. With over thirteen years of experience, this licensed master stylist has been transforming looks and lifting spirits, one haircut at a time. Using SimplyBook.me, Kate Brunette Hair offers a seamless booking experience, complemented by a suite of features that enhance client engagement and satisfaction.


The power of client feedback is fully embraced at Kate Brunette Hair through SimplyBook.me’s Reviews feature. This invaluable tool not only showcases the stylist’s exceptional skill and client care but also helps build trust with potential clients. It’s a testament to the salon’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Client Login

With the Client Login feature, regulars at Kate Brunette Hair enjoy a personalized booking journey. This convenient tool allows clients to easily manage their appointments, view their visit history, and stay updated on upcoming slots. This reflects the salon’s dedication to client satisfaction. They aim to make every aspect of the experience as smooth and enjoyable as the visits themselves.

The Photo Gallery feature serves as a vibrant showcase of Kate Brunette Hair’s artistic prowess. Here, clients can browse stunning transformations and get inspired for their next look. They witness the stylist’s versatility and skill firsthand. It’s a visually engaging way to connect with clients and highlight the salon’s creative achievements.


Staying informed about the latest at Kate Brunette Hair is effortless, thanks to the News feature on SimplyBook.me. Whether announcing new services, sharing tips, or salon updates, this feature keeps the community informed. It fosters a sense of connection. This keeps the salon top of mind for clients seeking the latest in hair care and style.


Kate Brunette Hair’s use of SimplyBook.me is a prime example of how technology can enhance the service industry, particularly in personal care and beauty. By integrating Reviews, Client Login, Photo Gallery, and News, the salon streamlines booking. It also deepens client relationships. Kate stands out for her styling expertise and innovative client engagement. She provides a great salon experience which starts well before the chair.

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