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17 tips to succeed in your new fitness business - Vanessa Alves

17 Tips To Succeed In Your New Fitness Business

Having a fitness business requires a lot of effort and dedication, especially for those who decide to begin an entrepreneurial venture. Business success can be achieved to the extent that it fulfils specific requirements and good practices already carried out by other successful markets and companies. When we talk about a fitness business, perhaps the […]

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Business Types, Sports, Fitness & Gyms
top blogs for sports & fitness

Top Blogs To Follow for Sports and Fitness Entrepreneurs

The sports and fitness industry is a constantly evolving entity. How do you keep up with the ever-changing landscape and manage your clients’ expectations? The answer is simple. You keep tabs on the leaders in the field.  Some fabulous blogs cater specifically for sports and fitness businesses, but there are others that it’s good to […]

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Business Types, Sports, Fitness & Gyms the perfect booking system for sports and fitness business

The Perfect Booking System For Sports and Fitness Business – Look No Further

The operating procedures have changed for gyms and fitness centres everywhere over the last year—the primary reason for the safety of staff and clients. However, while some clients have complained about new rules and regulations, the effect on gyms goers has generally been positive. Not all change is for the worse. Some capacity restrictions and […]

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Business Types, Sports, Fitness & Gyms
Dance Studio Scheduling Software: GetApp Category Leader - We're in the Top 10

Dance Studio Scheduling Software: GetApp Category Leader

It’s thrilling to discover that has been named a Category Leader* in Dance Studio Software by GetApp. New booking apps and plugins are on the rise, and it can be confusing to choose the right system for you. If you want an online booking portal that will work for your business, it’s helpful to […]

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fitness trends 2021

Fitness Trends in 2021 – The Emerging Shifts in Health & Fitness

The past ten months have changed the way many people view fitness and how to achieve it. 2020 saw people stuck at home, without access to regular gym visits, equipment and trainers, so they had to find alternative practises. According to a survey by Verywellfit, in June, less than 50% of the respondents intended returning to […]

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yoga accessories

Must-Have Yoga Accessories – Setting Up Your Yoga Studio

Setting up a yoga studio is not a simple job. The first step of getting yoga certified is the hardest goal to accomplish. Nevertheless, if you are above this focus and have experience as a yoga instructor, then it may be your time to own a studio.Understand that setting up a yoga studio can be […]

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Top 3 according to GetApp

Top 3 Essential Systems for Fitness Business

Hi Everyone,  Guess what! The bods at GetApp have named as one of the Top 3 Essential Systems for Fitness Centres and Gyms. You can read the article here. We’re thrilled to get our name here, and we hope you already know it. Like any other business that operates online, we rely quite heavily […]

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Scheduling Fitness Classes Online

How to Start Scheduling Fitness Classes Online [VIDEO]

If you have the space available, fitness classes can represent one of the most significant returns on investment. You can reach multiple people at the same time and make classes far more accessible by reducing the cost person. With that in mind, you want to simplify and streamline how people can book themselves into your […]

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Promoting Fitness Business - woman doing plank

Promoting Fitness Business: without relying on “Beach Season”

After months of closures, social distancing and destroyed fitness regimes, now is the time to get people back to your gym or fitness centre. But what’s your handle? With travel restrictions still in place, people still fearful of a second wave and not wanting to get stuck in quarantine when they come home, the promise […]

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Scheduling Classes

Scheduling Classes for Practically Anything [VIDEO]

Academia, fitness, life-skills, occupational courses and much more all require a learning environment. Unless you’re providing one-to-one intensive tuition, you can offer all of these in a class with multiple attendees. It’s much more profitable for you and more accessible to your clients. Scheduling classes for online booking makes the process so much easier. Scheduling […]

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Sports & Fitness Trends for 2020

7 Sport & Fitness Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2020

The end of the year is drawing closer, and people are beginning to think about what the new year will mean for them. For many, that means thinking about starting, maintaining or switching their fitness regime. Since a lot of people buy their gym memberships or fitness packages at the dawn of a New Year, […]

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