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Yoga By Nina: Mindful Bookings with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Meet Nina, the creator of the Glow Flow Yoga Method. Merging her unique backgrounds as a former Taekwondo Champion and K-Pop Recording Artist, Nina’s classes range from dynamic to relaxing. With SimplyBook.me, joining her mindfulness journey has never been easier.


Showcasing the Journey

Nina’s Photo Gallery showcases the beauty of Glow Flow Yoga, offering a glimpse into her practice. Whether it’s dynamic Vinyasa flows or relaxing Yin practices, every aspect is captured, showcasing the diversity of her classes. From powerful poses to serene stretches, the images reveal the depth and individuality of each session.

The gallery is not just a visual feast but an open invitation. This feature allows newcomers to envision themselves in Nina’s nurturing environment, providing a preview of what they can experience. It helps them connect with Nina’s unique style before even stepping into the studio. The Photo Gallery acts as a virtual extension of Nina’s teaching, highlighting the aesthetic and emotional facets of her practice.

Stunning Gallery

Tailoring Experience

Nina’s use of our Packages feature offers tailored options for all, fostering an inclusive space for yoga enthusiasts. Whether it’s single sessions for those exploring yoga for the first time or a series of classes for the more devoted practitioners, there’s something for every yoga enthusiast. These packages offer different levels of commitment, flexibility, and pricing, thereby removing barriers that might prevent someone from starting their yoga journey.

Available Packages

No Missed Opportunities

Our Waiting List feature aligns perfectly with Nina’s philosophy of inclusion and accessibility, ensuring that no one misses out on her sought-after classes. If a class is full, clients can simply join the waiting list and wait for a space to open up. This system not only guarantees that more people can experience Nina’s unique ‘Glow Flow Yoga’ method but also maximises class attendance.

Whether it’s her dynamic Signature Vinyasa Glow Flow or deeply introspective Yin practices, everyone has a chance to participate. By incorporating the Waiting List into her offerings, Nina emphasises her commitment to making yoga accessible and inclusive, reflecting her holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit connection.

Waiting List for Sought-after Classes

Navigating Choices

With diverse offerings, Nina relies on our Service Categories feature to guide clients effortlessly through her rich selection of classes. Whether you seek a powerful workout with “The Glow Experiences,” specialized attention in “glow focus workshops,” the unique vibe of “yoga at REN,” or personalised guidance through private events and 1-on-1 sessions, finding your ideal class is simple and seamless.

This thoughtful categorisation ensures that both newcomers and regulars can easily navigate her offerings, finding the perfect fit for their yoga journey. By organising her services so intuitively, Nina emphasises her dedication to a user-friendly experience that resonates with her philosophy of accessibility and connection.

Service Categories to Choose From

Yoga On-the-Go

The Client Mobile App brings Nina’s classes into the daily lives of her students, weaving the essence of Glow Flow Yoga into their routines. Book or reschedule at your convenience, without the constraints of traditional booking methods.

Nina ensures that her yoga philosophy fits even the busiest lifestyle, adapting to the needs and pace of every individual. This digital connection reflects Nina’s commitment to accessibility and personal growth, fostering a sense of community beyond the mat. It’s not just about scheduling classes; it’s about integrating mindfulness and balance into everyday living through technology.

Personal Branded Mobile App


At SimplyBook.me, we’re proud to see clients like Nina harness our platform to amplify her mission. By integrating our features, she’s been able to expand the reach of her unique Glow Flow Yoga Method. Witnessing how Nina uses SimplyBook.me to meet the distinct needs of her yoga community highlights the versatility of our system, truly bridging the gap between mind, body, and spirit.

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