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Pachesham Golf: Booking Made Easy with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Here at SimplyBook.me, we’re thrilled to feature Pachesham Golf Centre, a top golf destination in Surrey. Renowned for its innovative Super Six Hole Golf Course, Pachesham transforms the golf booking process, making it more accessible and time-efficient. Their approach to golfing, including Surrey’s longest floodlit driving range and meticulously crafted practice areas, captivates golf enthusiasts. Pachesham Golf Centre, ideal for anything from a quick post-work round to a relaxed family day, offers a diverse and delightful golfing experience, all easily bookable through our intuitive golf booking platform.


Feedback is gold at Pachesham, and the Reviews feature on their booking page has plenty of Reviews. The Reviews feature at Pachesham Golf Centre goes beyond just collecting ratings. It fosters a community where shared experiences help others make informed decisions, continuously improving the centre’s service quality.

Gift Cards

The Golf Centre offers gift cards through SimplyBook.me, providing a convenient way to share the gift of golf. These vouchers are perfect for both avid golfers and beginners, offering access to Pachesham’s excellent facilities and courses. Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, these gift cards make for a thoughtful and appreciated present.

Service Categories

Navigating Pachesham’s extensive offerings is seamless, thanks to the organised service categories on their SimplyBook.me booking page. From a quick practice session on the driving range to a full round of golf, finding and booking your preferred service is straightforward and hassle-free.

Group Bookings

The Group Bookings feature on SimplyBook.me streamlines and enhances the organisation of group games at Pachesham Golf Centre. This tool simplifies the booking process for multi-player games, whether it’s for a corporate event or a casual get-together. With this feature, managing reservations for several players becomes hassle-free, ensuring that all participants can focus on enjoying their golf experience.

Cancellation Policy

The Golf Centre demonstrates its commitment to respecting both clients’ and staff’s time through a fair and transparent cancellation policy. This policy ensures mutual respect and convenience, contributing to a positive experience for all parties.


They offer a unique membership option: the Super 6 Green Fee Credit Membership #12. This membership provides 25 adult Pre Paid single credits. These credits can be used for booking an Adult 6 Hole Green Fee, an Adult 6 Hole Green Fee with a pay-on-the-day guest, or a Short Game Session. This flexible membership structure, seamlessly managed through the booking site, caters to golfers who appreciate both solo play and the joy of sharing their golfing experience with others.


In addition to memberships, Pachesham also offers a range of golf packages. These are perfect for those looking for a comprehensive golf experience or a special gift. Each package, easily bookable through their booking page, is crafted to provide a complete and satisfying golfing session, whether it’s for personal enjoyment or as a thoughtful gift.


Pachesham Golf Centre’s usage of SimplyBook.me is more than just about booking efficiency; it’s about enhancing the entire golfing experience. By integrating these advanced features, they ensure every visit is not only enjoyable but also perfectly aligned with the needs of today’s golfers.

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