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BEIA Med: Easy Bookings with SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Beia Med Spa based in Miami is redefining medical aesthetics with its full range of specialised, non-surgical facial and beauty treatments. At the heart of their business is a commitment to excellent spa bookings, significantly enhanced by SimplyBook.me’s versatile features. Beia Med has incorporated each SimplyBook.me feature, offering clients a smooth and exceptional service journey.

Google Translate

Catering to Miami’s diverse population, Beia Med uses SimplyBook.me’s Google Translate feature. This ensures that all clients, regardless of their language, can easily access and understand their services, making their offerings and spa booking process inclusive and accessible.


The Reviews feature in SimplyBook.me allows clients of Beia Med to leave feedback directly on the service page. This immediate client response mechanism helps build credibility and trust, as prospective clients can read real experiences and testimonials.

Google Reviews

Separately, the integration of Google Reviews with SimplyBook.me offers a broader platform for client feedback. This feature enhances Beia Med’s online presence and visibility, allowing new clients to discover their services through Google’s vast network, further establishing their reputation in the medical aesthetics community.


Beia Med offers memberships to provide clients with continuous care and exclusive benefits. Managed through SimplyBook.me, these memberships ensure clients receive consistent, high-quality treatments tailored to their needs.

Service Categories

With a wide array of services, organising them into clear categories via SimplyBook.me enhances client navigation. This helps clients easily find and book the specific treatments they seek, from facial balancing to permanent makeup.

Service Providers

Beia Med’s team of licensed professionals is showcased through the Service Providers feature. Clients can choose their preferred expert, ensuring a personalised and comfortable treatment experience.

Loyalty Points

The Loyalty Points system rewards returning clients, enhancing client retention and satisfaction. This feature encourages clients to continue their beauty journey with Beia Med, fostering a loyal customer base.

Contact Us

The ‘Contact Us’ feature on SimplyBook.me ensures that communication between Beia Med and its clients is always open and straightforward. This tool makes it easy for clients to get in touch with the spa for inquiries or assistance, enhancing the overall customer service experience.

Facebook Client Info

Meanwhile, the ‘Facebook Client Info’ integration allows Beia Med to seamlessly connect with clients through social media. This feature ensures that client interactions are not just confined to direct bookings but also extend to the social media space, where many clients first discover and interact with their services.

Client Fields & Client Login:

Client Fields and Client Login enhance the personalisation of each visit. By storing specific client preferences and history, Beia Med tailors each appointment to the individual’s needs, improving the overall client experience.

Service Add-Ons

Beia Med utilises the ‘Service Add-Ons’ feature to offer clients additional choices and customisation for their treatments. This flexibility allows clients to tailor their spa experience to their specific needs and preferences, enhancing the personal touch that Beia Med is known for.

Accepting Deposits

Separately, the ‘Accept Deposits’ feature streamlines the booking process by allowing Beia Med to secure appointments effectively. This ensures a smoother operational flow, reduces no-shows, and helps in managing the schedule efficiently, reflecting the spa’s professional approach to appointment management.


Beia Med’s utilisation of SimplyBook.me is a testament to their dedication to providing top-tier service. By integrating these features, Beia Med not only streamlines its spa booking process but also elevates the client experience, setting a new standard in Miami’s medical spa industry.

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