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appointment booking from email campaigns

Appointment Booking from Email Campaigns – Dyspatch Integration with is a SaaS company offering online booking software as a service to thousands of service businesses and more worldwide. However, even though we are a standalone product, it doesn’t mean other companies and service providers can’t use our product to boost their functionality and enhance ours. has done precisely that with its integration […]

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effective notifications

Creating Effective Notifications for your Appointment Scheduler

One of the best things about having an automated self-scheduling system is that you can send automatic reminders, confirmations and even marketing emails to your clients without using precious time to do it manually. If you’ve ever wondered why your automated notifications and reminders aren’t reaching your clients, maybe you need to rethink how you […]

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Scheduling Group Sessions - Group Booking and Booking Limits

Scheduling Group Sessions – Group Booking and Booking Limits

Anyone in the service industry will tell you; invariably, it is geared towards individual services. You can’t cut more than one person’s hair at once, nor can you clear up more than one garden per gardener (and sometimes it will take two). So many services struggle with expansion and growing profit margins. But what if […]

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Struggling To Fill-Up Business Bookings? Here's How Testing Can Help You Out

​​Struggling To Fill-Up Business Bookings? Here’s How Testing Can Help You Out

If you’re having a hard time making your business bookings website work, here is a simple idea to help you win customers: test different versions of your content to see what enables you to gain the most customers. After all, you wouldn’t implement a new program without extensive software testing, so why implement new content […]

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New Loyalty System

The Loyalty System – Proven Client Retention

January saw the release of a new feature that we know many people have been waiting for – The New Loyalty System. And we can’t wait to tell you about it. We’ve got the video ready as quickly as possible, and it’s below for your viewing. Please keep reading for a more detailed run-through of […]

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Adding Pages to your Booking Website

Adding Pages to Your Booking Website – Knowledge is power & clients want it

Suppose you want to build a website for your business, whatever that business is. In that case, you don’t simply add the functional pages and expect to engage clients or customers. If you do, you’ll be in for a bit of a shock. Adding pages to any e-commerce or booking website is crucial to engaging your […]

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Why use the Integrated POS from

An Integrated POS from – Why you should be using it.

The integrated POS (point of sale) within has been around for quite a while now, and you might not use it. Businesses that operate purely online and only accept payments via card or payment processor do not need an on-site point of sale system. However, if you have any part of your business that doesn’t happen […]

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calendly alternatives

Calendly Alternatives – 4 Options to consider

If you’re looking for a scheduling system right now, the chances are that you have seen Calendly. Calendly itself is an excellent example of a scheduling system. Their marketing machine has done a fantastic job of getting the name in front of everyone seeking a scheduling system for their business. However, there are Calendly alternatives available […]

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Top 6 Meeting Schedulers

Top 6 Meeting Schedulers – Reduce the pain of scheduling meetings

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could ask for a meeting and everyone is free at the right time? In reality, that is very rarely the case. Someone is on holiday, another has a business meeting, and another might only work part-time. If you use the traditional route of asking everyone to work out a meeting […]

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Telegram notification feature

Telegram Notification Custom Feature – Another channel for client contact

Client contact details are crucial for avoiding appointments that clients miss or forget. However, how you contact clients is just as important as the notification itself. It is a balancing act between effective communication and cost-effective methods. Emails can easily be ignored, and SMS can become expensive if you send all notifications and reminders this way. The […]

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appointment reminders, why automation is your best friend

Appointment Reminders: Why Automation is Your Best Friend

It can sometimes seem like our lives get busier every day. Business conferences, team meetings, Zoom calls; our diaries get fuller and fuller. Some of these appointments can be crucial, and forgetting or missing them may mean lost revenue or even damage to your reputation and that of your business. With many companies embracing digital acceleration, […]

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