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Custom Features for the Beauty Industry

Introduction Setting up your booking website can be a little overwhelming with the number of options to choose from to customise your page. Then you have to consider which ones are relevant for your industry and which ones your customers will use. In this article, we will explain the best custom features for the beauty […]

Daena Skinner


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Make me look busy

“Make Me Look Busy” – How to use it and why it’s a good idea

Recently, released a much-requested feature for the booking system called “Make Me Look Busy”. If you asked for it, you probably know what it does. However, if you are new to the concept, let us enlighten you on the benefits of making your schedule look a little busier than it actually is. What Does […]

Amie Parnaby


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Online booking from the beginning

Online Booking from the Beginning (starting as you mean to on)

Nothing screams professionalism than starting from the beginning with a professional-looking website and online booking system. Even if you’re starting a beauty business in your spare time, strict and dedicated scheduling will make you look and act like the professional you are – or at least plan to be. By implementing online booking from the beginning, […]

Amie Parnaby


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Holiday Watersports – how to boost your bookings

Introduction Managing a watersports business based on tourists visiting or nice sunny weather can be challenging to increase your bookings. With summer just arriving, it’s the perfect time to market your business and boost your bookings for the summer. So, how do you sell such a business to tourists and locals? Read on to find […]

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campsite bookings with

Campsite Bookings – Making use of events and tours to enhance your business

Have you ever wanted to know how you increase your campsite bookings and maximise your attraction to multiple groups of campers? You know you have, and it’s the perfect time to make the most of it. The Summer is here, what’s more people are seeking alternatives for their summer holidays. More than two years of […]

Amie Parnaby


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Quick Set-up assistance with

Quick Set-Up Assistance with – Let someone else do it for you

You might have been looking at online scheduling options for years. And while it seems like it will save time and money in the long term, finding the time to set your whole business up in a new system seems like it will take more time. You really want someone to come and do it […]

Amie Parnaby


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Custom Features for the Event Industry offers many custom features that may apply to your business; however, with over sixty custom features, it can be challenging to choose. This blog post will focus on all the custom features which can be helpful for your event business – including photographers, event planners, tour guides, etc. Custom features can help you attract […]

Daena Skinner


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Strategies for Effective Client Waitlist Management

6 Strategies for Effective Client Waitlist Management

Kick-starting and building a small business in a competitive industry is a monumental achievement. It takes time, money, and tremendous effort to build a brand, acquire quality clients, and push your small business forward. But now that you’re there and can safely call yourself a successful entrepreneur, you find yourself at a crossroads. Now that […]

Nina Petrov


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Perfect Payment Gateway Providers

4 Tips to Help You Choose The Perfect Payment Gateway Provider

Deciding on the best payment gateway provider for your eCommerce business can make or break your sales success.  To keep up with the fierce competition, offering your customers the simplest and most secure way to pay by streamlining payment options is crucial. The right payment gateway for your business dictates the currencies you can accept, […]

Amie Parnaby


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Appointment scheduling software

Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Service Businesses

Appointment scheduling software is a speciality software that includes management and booking tools for business owners and professionals. So, what’s the benefit of using such software? Well, it automates tasks, keeps things organised, conveniently books appointments and meetings, and sends out confirmations and reminders, all while allowing you to have more time to focus on […]

Amie Parnaby


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A guide to Intake Questions

Setting Valuable Intake Questions for Clients – A Guide

Have you ever had a client book an appointment with you and discovered that you couldn’t help them when they showed up? How do you know that you can help your clients if you don’t ask for a bit of information upfront? Whenever you provide any professional service, it’s worth your while to determine their […]

Amie Parnaby