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Surviving the Economic Effects of a Viral Pandemic Lockdown with

Most of the world is on some variation of “lockdown”, and unless your business is a crucial necessity like healthcare, you need your company to survive the economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. What can you do to mitigate the loss of business and ensure you’re in prime position to jump back in when isolation […]

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Video appointment scheduling

Video Appointment Scheduling with and Gruveo [VIDEO]

As Covid-19 causes havoc across the globe, any service business that can, should make a switch to supporting clients remotely. When you usually have a full schedule of meetings and appointments, you need to ensure that you can use video appointment scheduling effectively. partners exceptionally with Gruveo to facilitate scheduled video calls. Keeping your clients close despite […]

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Video Appointment Scheduling

Video Meetings with & Gruveo (or how to maintain client contact in times of crisis)

Phone calls are okay, but nothing builds remote trust and connection like a video call. Video meetings and group conferences can bridge the gap between getting everyone together in one place and the convenience of a phone call. Scheduling video meetings and group calls, with Simply and Gruveo, can transcend distance and time constraints, […]

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Related Resources Management with [VIDEO]

If you have any resource limitations on the services that you provide, you need to manage the resource availability with the appointments and personnel that are free. Resources management will ensure that you give your clients a better experience. What limitations do your business resources place on your ability to schedule clients? When you make […]

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booking page examples

11 Tips for Getting more Bookings Online

Getting your clients to book online has so many benefits for both your clients and you and your business. You can reduce no-shows and increase the value of your customer lifetimes, while the clients get convenience, speed and a measure of control. There’s a reason why the research by GetApp shows that up to 70% of customers […]

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Mobile admin app

Mobile Admin App for [VIDEO]

Have you downloaded the new mobile admin app for iOS or Android yet? Check out the video to learn more. The full releases for both Apple and Android devices have been available for a week, please find a link to both apps at the end of this blog. Before the full release, we released the […]

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Marketing Suite

The Marketing Suite: All Together in One Place

Marketing your business can feel like a drag. Most entrepreneurs and business owners, especially in the service sector, simply want to “get on with it”. When we decided to gather all of our marketing tools in one, easy to navigate Marketing Suite, it was with the sole purpose of making marketing a more straightforward process […]

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client rescheduling

Client Rescheduling – Another job for [VIDEO]

The need to reschedule appointments happens to everyone. Whether your rescheduling need stems from sickness, conflicting schedules, or events out of your control such as floods, snow, or power outages, you need a way to manage that need. With online booking, you let your clients book for themselves. Even better, with client rescheduling, you get […]

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Business, Product & Tool Tips, Tips, Tool Tips Invoicing with Zapier (integration with accounting software)

Few of us like dealing with our accounts which is why most of us use accounting software to ease the process. At, we have updated our Zapier integration triggers to make it easy to use your favourite accounting software, and link it with your schedule and payment processor. Simplify your invoicing with Zapier […]

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link payments with online bookings

Friday Feature: Linking Payments with your Online Booking [VIDEOS]

When your clients book appointments with you, whether they do it online, by phone or they walk in, you want to keep track of their payments. Moreover, you want it all to collate in a single place. By linking online and onsite payments with your booking schedule, you can report on your income quickly and […]

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Related Resources Image

Restrict Bookings with Related Resources and

In a small or even medium (and growing) business, it is not financially viable to always have the related resources available to provide every single service simultaneously – whether you have the human resources available, or not. You may find it necessary to restrict bookings of particular services due to limited resources. When you use […]

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