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Employee Exercise Programs
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Why Businesses Should Schedule
Employee Exercise Programs

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Why Businesses Should Schedule Employee Exercise Programs

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The workplace is a stressful environment. The pressure of deadlines and repetitive tasks can overwhelm the employees, who are invaluable assets to the business. This mental and physical strain can negatively affect their work and cost the company thousands of dollars. One of the most effective ways employers can battle this mental and physical fatigue is by scheduling employee exercise programs.

These programs are strategic tools that can help businesses thrive. If you’re unsure whether they are suitable for you, this article can help you decide. We have gathered a list of their top benefits to show you how employee exercise programs are good for you, your staff, and your business.

Benefits of Employee Exercise Programs

1. Reduce Health Risks

Most diseases result from unhealthy behaviors like bad eating habits and lack of exercise. A comprehensive exercise program can install good health behaviors in your employees and reduce their risk of diseases. Employees who improve their health behaviors through regular exercise, healthy eating, and avoiding cigarettes and substances have a lower chance of falling victim to depression.

2. Lower Healthcare Costs

Studies show that exercise programs and workplace ergonomics can reduce costs related to healthcare. When your employees are healthy, they make fewer trips to the doctor. Fewer trips will lower your spending on business insurance and save you money.

Employees who exercise regularly will also experience less injury at work. Fewer workplace accidents mean lower comp claims. So even if you spend money on a good exercise program, it will pay off in the long run.

3. Reduce Stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of any workplace with devastating consequences. It can lower productivity, decline your employees’ health and lead to sick days. A good fitness program can combat this stress and improve employee performance. You don’t even need a strenuous exercise routine for this. A simple meditation routine during breaks will do the job.

4. Decrease Absenteeism

Healthy and stress-free employees are less likely to miss work due to sickness. Since they’re in better shape and a more focused state of mind, they will also have to take fewer sick days due to injuries. Lower absence from work can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

5. Increase Productivity

An exercise program is one of the most efficient productivity tools for growing your business. According to studies, it can save you more money and make your workforce more profitable. Physically and mentally fit employees will have less anxiety and more energy. Therefore they can be more present and do better quality work. On the other hand, employees with poor health will be unproductive as they are less motivated to work. Reports show that loss of productivity can cost businesses billions of dollars every year.

6. Break the Monotony

Performing the same tasks repeatedly every day is tiring. It will bore your employees, causing them to lose focus and become less efficient at what they do. Initiating an exercise program can be a welcoming break in their daily routine and break the monotony. It will mix things up while giving your staff newfound energy and enthusiasm for the rest of the day.

7. Boost Morale

Employee morale plays a vital part in determining a company’s success. Participating in an exercise program can boost your staff’s spirits and make them happier. In return, they will perform better.

Employees will also feel appreciated and valued when they see you invest in their health and well-being. Feeling this appreciation will cause them to lead happier lives and deliver their best quality work.

8. Increases Employee Engagement

Exercise programs and group activities connect your employees more to your company and increase employee engagement. Physical activity will sharpen your workers’ minds, making them more focused and engaged. As a result, it will enhance the quality of work they deliver.

9. Build Camaraderie

Schedule employee exercise programs to build camaraderie

Participating in exercises that require teamwork and collaboration will build camaraderie among your workers. These interactions will help your employees bond and perform better as a team. Building connections and feeling comfortable and in sync with colleagues is crucial for your employees’ mental well-being. By scheduling exercise programs and having your staff work as a team outside the workplace, you can help improve their mental health and receive higher-quality performance.

10. Improve Recruitment

Have you ever wondered why the world’s top companies offer comprehensive health and wellness programs? It’s because they understand the importance of such programs for attracting top talents. According to reports, over 80% of employees consider a company’s wellness program before joining it.
Additionally, integrating web-based recruitment software into their operations allows these companies to efficiently identify and engage with the best candidates, further enhancing their ability to attract top talent.

When searching for a new job, they look for employers who care enough about their health to invest in an exercise program. By scheduling an exercise program, you can welcome new team members to your company and gain a competitive edge.

11. Increase Retention

Exercise programs can also help you keep your existing employees. When you invest in these programs, you show concern for their health and well-being. In return, they remain loyal to your company. Increased employee retention helps you keep your best talents and avoid the costs of hiring new employees and training them.

Adopt Other Wellness Initiatives

Apart from scheduling employee exercise programs, you can adopt other wellness initiatives to create a better work environment. Here are some examples:

  • Offer flexible work schedules
  • Offer healthy lunches and snacks
  • Give your employees more autonomy
  • Make the workplace more comfortable
  • Partake in community service activities
  • Schedule frequent breaks and short nap times
  • Encourage your employees to offer solutions to improve the workplace

Healthier Employees = More Successful Business

Your employees’ health has a direct connection to your business’s success. You can use this positive relationship and make your business more profitable by investing in your staff’s physical and mental well-being.

A good exercise program should be engaging. It should meet your workers’ physical, mental, and emotional needs to be effective. You can create a program yourself or seek help from a third-party provider. This expense is a small investment that will pay off in the long run.

Guest Author Bio: Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is an LA-based content strategist and consultant in support of STEM firms and medical practices. He covers articles for BIOKINETIX is a preventive healthcare organization that helps companies eliminate costly musculoskeletal injuries and improve employee well-being through pre-shift exercise, early intervention programs, ergonomic solutions, and employee training and education.

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