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Beauty Salon Trends You Need To Follow Today More Than Ever

Ingvar Gudmundsson
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Hair and beauty salons are a business of innovation given how dependent their work is on the latest trends of the ever-shifting fashion industry. Or so we believe.

The reality may strike you with an unexpected twist – beauty salons are among the most conformist businesses of them. This happens because the lion’s share of the clients of the industry are returning visitors that have been coming to the same stylist or manicurist for years and sometimes even generations. It may even seem that a salon is frozen in time thus trapping all of the familiar faces inside.

Same pictures on the wall, same people in and behind the seats, same Hortense flower tucked neatly inside the now yellow-ish pot in the dusty corner are stuck in a ridiculous time loop forever. If that is not nightmare fuel, I don’t know what is.

But why? Why are many beauty businesses like that?

The answer is simple: such an approach kinda works. The flow of recurring customers is enough to keep the business on the float and making the salon future-proof is hard and investment intensive.

You know what? Such an approach is fine by me as it leaves fewer competitors for the businesses who are actually trying to succeed.

This brings us to the real question: what are the trends future-oriented salons follow in order to surpass the competition and kick the living breath out of competitors?

1 – Tech is here to stay

There is a simple rule in the salon business – clients follow the master, not the other way around. I know people who have moved to a different city and are still coming back every now and then just to make their hair look the way they are used for it to look.

This makes the math simple – the better the master, the more clients he or she attracts. And if I know anything about great professionals – in any niche, not just the beauty industry – is that they are passionate about what they do. Your stylists, colorists, and manicurists will spend their free time on blogs and YouTube learning about new secrets of the craft. More often than not, those secrets involve new gadgets and technologies.

Give your crew a chance to play around with the brand new hair-o-matic 2000 or they will find a different salon that has it.

Such an approach shoots two birds with one stone – your team is happy and treats your clients with something exquisite every time they visit your place. You do not have to invest into everything that enters the market straight away, but if a product has generated a following and its worth is proven with facts – consider purchasing at least one unit for your salon.

2 – Tech is here to stay (part two)

Tech is not all about what your team uses. Your audience is also getting more and more tech-savvy by the minute. Connect with them via the channels that matter like vlogging or social media. Dominate the place they spend at least a couple of hours every single day and let them come to you in larger numbers than your booking calendar can cover.

How can you pull off the tricks of the tech world? Start from going through this blog in more detail. I have prepared a lot of tips in advance for an occasion like this one:

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3 – All-in-one is the way to go

Aside the obvious benefits all of the tech stuff mentioned above has a downside: it cranks the speed of the world excessively. Just take look at your calendar. How many moments do you have to spare on a daily basis? Where’d all the time go?

Now put yourself in the shoes of others: if your schedule is as tidily booked then so is theirs. Your clients also don’t have the luxury of a spare moment and you are to take their time into account.

Consider providing people with all-in-one services that combine the worlds of salons and spas. This way you deliver a bigger bang for people’s buck and get them to come back for more.

4 – Have you grasped the success? Share it!

If you already have one successful salon then the thoughts of expanding have definitely entered your mind on more than several occasions. But why risk and invest more money than you currently have a brand new enterprise if you have something much more valuable at your disposal – your brand and your skills.

Franchising is the modern way for businesses to flourish without putting too much at stake. Provide eager individuals with a license to your brand, teach them how to run a salon the way you do and let them do the rest.


Your turn guys – do you have any awesome tips for running a salon successfully?

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