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How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back to your Salon for More

For any business, it can be difficult enough getting customers to try your product or service, without even worrying about how you will retain customers. However, it is important to make sure your customers are happy with your services and that they want to come back again. Read on to find out more on how […]

Daena Skinner


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Beauty Salon Trends You Need To Follow Today More Than Ever

Hair and beauty salons are a business of innovation given how dependent their work is on the latest trends of the ever-shifting fashion industry. Or so we believe. The reality may strike you with an unexpected twist – beauty salons are among the most conformist businesses of them. This happens because the lion’s share of […]

Ingvar Gudmundsson


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crazy hair styles

Weirdest Hairstyles on Pinterest That Are Pretty Cool When You Think About It

Ok, maybe sometimes I make it seem like owning a hair salon is all about business, marketing, customers and conversions but that is only because I wish for you to succeed. However, there is much more to making people happy with scissors than a pleasant, customer-specific experience. Sometimes owning a hair salon is just beyond […]

Ingvar Gudmundsson


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email letters for salon marketing

Why Email Means The Life To A Smart Beauty Salon Owner?

You know what bothers me? How awkward it is for businesses to get their hands on a person’s email address. Asking for it just seems too sleazy, doesn’t it? I mean, it is definitely not the topic that casually comes across when one of your clients is doing her hair or nails. And yet, this […]

Ingvar Gudmundsson


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MArketing tips for beauty salons

Business Automation To Make Or Break Beauty Salons In 2017

What are the tools you have in mind when talking about a beauty salon? I’d bet my arm and leg that scissors or brushes or makeup pop up in your head. What if I told you that these tools – while being a necessity – are not what makes or breaks a beauty business in […]

Ingvar Gudmundsson