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10 Smart Marketing Tips for Salons

Ingvar Gudmundsson
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What sets you apart from all the other salons? You might have what it takes in terms of service, but how do you convince people to choose you? Or in other words, how do you market your salon?

Well, one thing is for certain: You cannot afford to waste resources on something that doesn’t forward your goals.  So, take a pause to put a plan in place.

The hardest part is executing it, actually translating your brand values and mission into marketing campaigns. But, there’s no need to worry because we got you covered. Here are our marketing tips for salons to get people talking about you and grow your customer base exponentially.

1.     Promotion at the Premises

A good place to start marketing revamp is your brick-and-mortar location.

First of all, keep the shop spotless and place a nice front desk. Have friendly and trained staff members ready to welcome clients there. Instruct them to cross-sell and up-sell your services.  Check out these time-saving marketing tips for salons if you have to make room in the schedule for these activities.

Another neat trick is to create a selfie photo station and encourage clients to use your salon’s hashtag. They will do some marketing for you and for free too. It’s a win-win.

Every now and then, hold a super sale with massive discounts or a client appreciation evening. These events will produce a lot of buzz and excitement.

2.     Create a Swell Website

Having a professional-looking website is an absolute must.

You don’t want to fall behind the competition by neglecting this asset or even skimp on it. Therefore, hire seasoned web developers and designers to get up and running as soon as possible.

marketing tips for salons

Once that is sorted out, develop a killer SEO strategy. Optimize your pages for mobile devices and ensure smooth navigation. Gather links from other blogs and sites. Showcase customer testimonials and reviews to score trust points.

You will come across as a serious salon that keeps up with the times.

3.     Pick Your Digital Marketing Tools

Getting your website up and running is just one step on a long journey.

After all, the world of digital marketing encompasses a bunch of other tools for cost-effective promotion. Instead of looking for them in a bunch of different places, you can make your life easier with SimplyBook.me.

This platform provides seamless integration of various automated marketing resources. These include social proof, referral programs, appointment reminders, coupons & gift cards, social buttons, etc.

The beauty of it is that you don’t need any coding or design skills. It’s as simple as few clicks of a finger.

4.     Ponder PPC Advertising

Results-based digital advertising is a great alternative to SEO when it comes to generating traffic.

Take the example of Google Adwords, one of the most widely used platforms. It allows you to deploy highly-targeted ads and direct people to your website.  The ads are displayed when certain search terms are used and you pay whenever someone clicks on them.

Just make sure you find your niche clientele and re-target people who failed to convert. The success of this salon marketing idea hinges on thorough market research.

5.     Initiate Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing associated with one of the highest ROI of all channels.

But, effective campaigns take some planning and preparation. The first step is to take advantage of email automation tools that streamline time-consuming tasks. Secondly, you need to personalize and contextualize your messages.

To pull these things off, acquire contact and other information from clients. Then, segment your list according to demographics, customer lifetime value, and other key indicators.

Note emails can take many different forms: thank-you, newsletter updates, shopping cart abandonment, appointment reminder, etc. Use them interchangeably, based on the context.

6.     Engage in Social Media Promotion

Social media marketing is among the most profitable marketing ideas for salons.

Here, it’s crucial to select social platforms where your potential clients spend most of their time. Facebook is a no-brainer usually, but Instagram is better in terms of viral video marketing. Twitter is a highly popular network for flesh sales and PR.

marketing tips for salons

Across these hubs, you want to get on top of visual storytelling. In other words, create “shareable” and relevant content.

You can also hold a contest and delight followers with nice rewards. They can be anything from free add-on services and exclusive deals to beauty products and freebies.

7.     Blogging/Content Marketing

Bombarding people with ads and sales pitches will only get you so far.

You have to show you care about more than just their money. Content marketing, the ubiquitous tactic across the salon industry, is the way to make it happen.

So, put together a blog, work out a publishing calendar, and craft quality content. Provide value with useful guides, hairstyle trends, industry insights, whitepapers, case studies, and behind-the-scenes material. Don’t hesitate to get quirky— write about things like nightmare makeup fails.

This is a chance to uncover the warm, human face of your brand.

8.     Launch a Referral Program

A solid referral program enables you to generate word-of-mouth, which is an incredible source of new business.

Thus, create a transparent system for referrals. Ensure people can find you nice and easy. Recognize who your most satisfied clients are and assign points to them for each referral. Let them convert these points into cash or redeem them for rewards.

You can also send a customized thank-you note or treat them to something special. Incentives like discounts, punch cards, and limited deals do the trick. It’s not like you have to break a bank to get the referrals going.

9.     Utilize Print Media

Despite the entire internet craze, traditional marketing is still alive and well. Print media is the best proof of this. It allows you to connect with people who don’t fancy channels such as social media.

There’s no shortage of ways to employ the best salon marketing ideas in an old-fashioned manner.

For instance, place ads in local salon magazines and publications. Reach out to local journalists and get featured in the newspaper. Send coupons and discounts via regular mail. Leave business cards, brochures, and flyers in bars and other businesses.

The list of possibilities goes on, so feel free to explore further.

10.  Get Active in the Community

Finally, do your best to spread roots in the local business landscape.

Go where your customers are and be involved in community goings-on. Join the local chamber and other business groups. Keep an eye on networking events, business fairs, and workshops. Give a presentation and establish yourself as an expert.

Lastly, support movements, charities, sports teams, and good causes. Sponsor a local fashion show and do interviews with renowned models, influencers, hairdressers and makeup artists.

Benefits of community involvement ripple outward and spur a whole lot of good will around your salon.

More Marketing tips for Salons

To make a name for yourself, you have to rise above the average.

Plant the seeds of success by formulating a comprehensive strategy. Take the time to pick your channels and tools wisely. Find out who your audience is and cater to its wants and needs.

Have a robust online presence without overlooking traditional promotion. Show off your proud work and brand personality. Foster long-term relationships with your clients and turn your salon in the hot place to be.

Bear in mind that some salon marketing ideas don’t bring immediate avail. Nevertheless, they’ll pay off in the long run.

Also, remember to check out our marketing tools and boost your prospects. It’s time to dazzle the clients and outshine your competition!

marketing tips for salons

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