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Friday Fun: 8 Small Business Memes That Hit The Sweet Spot

December 22, 2017
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Memes for small business owners

Are your funny bones ready for a whole bunch of healthy laughter to finish an otherwise overwhelming, busy week with a smile?

You’ve come to the right place then, as I present to you my top picks in the small business-themed meme awards/ Pick the one that tickles your fancy, mention it in the comments below and let’s decide on the best source of entrepreneurial fun together!

Just remember – they are only funny because they are true.

1 – When you decide to make money on your greatest passion and don’t even care about what others think. It’s just none of their darn monkey business!

monkey business

Source – nedesem


2 – When it seems like literally everyone and their mother is putting sticks in your wheels

Source – dumbbum


3 – When they say business is about solving someone else’s pain and you take it a bit too seriously

*coughs* Apple slowing down older iPhones went to same business school * coughs*

Source: moeshd98


4 – When your social media marketing isn’t going too well

My Instagram is fine though, thank you!

Source: Pinterest


5- No pants – the only reason to be a freelancer

Source: Pinterest


6 – The words of wisdom have been spoken

Source: me.me


7 – When the doors are open on a Monday morning and you haven’t had coffee yet

Source: Pinterest


8 – So this is how the internet works for business?

Source: LocalSphere


And for dessert – something about our blog – news.simplybook.me

Source: Pinterest

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