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The World After Christmas: 5 Small Business Ideas To Start After The Holidays

Ingvar Gudmundsson
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First and foremost – I would like to wish the merriest of holidays to you. May the new season bring joy, delight, peace and happiness!

It doesn’t look like the Holidays can ever possibly end, especially not on the 65th of December, but they are. The sweetness of carols will be gone in a day’s notice and I will move on to my ‘business as usual’ model of writing.

And you know what? Everyone else in the whole world will move on to ‘business as usual’ in just a few days, leaving this Holiday season a delightful, eggnog-&-candy flavored memory.

What will you be doing to keep your calendar filled with prosperous clients after the decorations are off? Just in case – here are some amazing small business ideas that don’t take a lot of investment while still being a perfectly fine source of income after the holidays.

#1 – Lend some space

What are people getting rid of after holidays? A lot of stuff! From Christmas tree decorations to lights and useless gifts they’ve received from relatives (8 toasters in 8 years? Seriously, aunt Clarisse?).

If you have a storage facility with some space to spare – sharing it with others might be the perfect business idea for you. People get a cleaner house while you get a few more bucks on your bank account. Everybody wins!

#2 – Shovels up!

Snow is such a delight on a Christmas morning. There’s just so much you can do with it from making a fort to engaging in a full-blown snowball war! In simpler words – snow is a lot of fun.

Until it blocks your driveway.

Just like the famous Mr. Plow, you can have a shot at a snow-cleaning business. Sure you might not have a spare plow at your disposal, but a truck and a couple of shovels will definitely do the trick.

#3 – Yummy foods

The power of Facebook is overwhelming. There are so many communities today that offer flexibility for our creative entrepreneur bones. Take my wife, for example – she loves cooking, but, at times, we make too much of a yummy goodness. Why put it to waste, when you could sell it?

That’s exactly what she does! We have a local Facebook community that allows for housewives to sell the extra. Don’t need the whole cake – there are people out there looking to buy a half of it as healthy, homemade treats are always better than anything usual stores have to offer.

The best part about this idea is that you can start an entire home cooking business from scratch, take in orders and treat others on your exquisite delicacies.

#4 – Make some makeup

Food is not the only thing you can cook at home. Ok, I’m not saying you should follow the footsteps of Walter White, but why limit the possibilities?

Organic makeup is all the rage right now and that’s something everyone can make at home. Start small from something like your own organic lip balm – it will sell like hot pancakes during the frosty days of winter and, who knows, perhaps a small business will grow into the next L’Oréal?

#5 – Deliveries

A fast man is always in demand because people need stuff to get from point A to point B as fast as possible while teleportation devices are the prerogative of science fiction. The need for delivery services intensifies during winter when snow covers the roads and makes navigation a pain in the neck.

If you have a decent vehicle and are not afraid of cold or challenge – you have the potential for making a fortune before the first rays of warm sun melt the ice on the roads.


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