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How to Build a High-Ticket Sales Funnel with Online Scheduling

Bhujal Patel
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How to Build a High Ticket Sales Funnel with Online Scheduling

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If you are in business and selling high-ticket products, you need to have systematic sales funnels to drive target customers to your company and get them to build trust with you as you convert them into customers. 

Here is a simple selling strategy for a high-ticket product, assuming the product sells at $1000 each.

Source: Yesware

Target customers will not just spend a lot of money on a product they don’t even know if it will effectively solve their pains.  

Are you in a high-ticket sales business or a coach and want to drive more prospects to your company and convert them? This article will give you insights you can use to create your high-ticket sales funnel.

Why is Appointment Scheduling Important In High Ticket Sales?

Taking customers wouldn’t just make a purchase from your brand. They need to know your offers and if they can help them solve their pain points. 

As a business, you need an excellent customer appointment scheduling tool to make it easy for prospective customers to get in touch with your company and know your products or services better. 

Here are other reasons you should invest in an appointment scheduling tool for your high-ticket products.

Helps Personalize Sales Call

You’re trying to close a sale that, if it goes through, will result in lots of revenue for the business. 

As a brand runs its marketing for the products, scheduling appointments with prospective customers is essential. Ensure you personalize the sales calls and sell the products to the target customers in a way that they will convert into customers. 

Your customer needs to know that you have their interests at heart, not just calling to close a sale. You care about their pains and want to give them the best help to solve those pains.

Drives The Right Traffic to The Business Website

As you market your high-ticket products to target customers, you don’t want to drive a lot of traffic that will not convert. Of course, not all traffic converts, but a scheduling tool can increase your business’s chances of lead conversions. 

This is because people visiting your site have a burning pain point and are more likely to purchase what you sell.

Gives Better Customer Experience

Your leads will continue to use your products even after they become customers. Since you offer high-ticket product sales, scheduling an appointment for the customers and prospects can help deliver the best experience with your business.

You will be able to assign a customer team representative to each customer and ensure that their needs are taken care of in the best way possible and make them continue enjoying business with you.

How to Build a High Ticket Sales Funnel

Getting customers for your high-ticket products can take time and effort. As a business, you need a solid marketing plan to drive leads to your products and engage them with your products as you nurture and convince them to convert to your business. 

If you’re looking for a guide on creating a converting sales funnel for your high-ticket products, here is a guide you can follow. 

Step 1: Run Your Ads

You have already researched your target customer. You know their pains and the best way you will drive them to engage with your brand, convert them and make them use your products to solve their pain points.

To start the process, you can run ads that will drive demand and curiosity for your products. Here is an example of an ad by Woodlead reality, a real estate business.

Source: Facebook

As you run your ads, ensure you use the sites that your target customers mostly hang out on social media. Here is an example of creating traffic to your site.

Source: Major Impact Media

Create and customize your ads to address target customers’ pains. You need to build a reputation among high-ticket clients for what you sell. 

Let the target customers get to know your business and the value that you offer them to solve pains. Then, as you create your ads, use keywords that target customers use in their product search. Here are other tips to make your ads stand out.

  • Use images of your high-ticket products in the ads
  • Ensure your product images are high quality
  • Add attracting and captivating call to action (CTA)
  • Reply to interactions under ads (e.g. to Facebook Ads comments)

Step 2: Bring People to the Landing Page

Your main aim for running ads is to get target customers to visit your website. The next stage is getting them to that landing page where they can learn more about your product or services. Your landing page should have a captivating and attractive video sales letter.

Through that short video, let the prospect know more about your business offers and the benefits they will get from your business as they use the product. It’s easier for leads to convert when they see the value a company offers. 

You want to use this step to help build trust with the target customers. Since you’re selling high-ticket products or services, target customers need to trust that they will get value from the investment in your business.

One best way to build this trust is to bring them to the page where they can see testimonials, case studies, and other social proof from current and past customers. For example, here is the landing page for Winning International, a coaching program that costs $8000 per client.

Source: Winning International

Step 3: Booking Process

After your prospect has seen the value of your offers and been convinced by the testimonies from other customers using the product, you can book an appointment with the lead.

 For example, in the above company, once clients click on the free training, they are taken to a page where they can book a call.

Source: Winning International

You will know more about the prospective customers on that scheduled appointment and their challenges.

The process will also help the prospect know more about the offer and the value they will get once they purchase. 

Sometimes a prospective client can book an appointment and then shortly cancel it. Knowing what to do on last-minute booking cancelation is essential to your lead closing process.

Step 4: Confirmation and Reminders Emails

Once the target customer books a sales call with the company rep, you can keep sending them notifications about the sales call. Alongside the reminder, give the prospect more details about the product and monitor your email metrics

Remember, you’re not the only business searching for the customer. Your competitors are too searching for that one customer you’re after. So it is essential to keep nurturing them and show them how you will solve their pains with the products you sell. 

Some target prospects will not be convinced to visit your landing page. Others will take time before they can trust what you offer as they don’t want to spend so much when they still have doubts about the products. Running follow-up emails helps keep the prospect in touch and quickly grow the relationship. 

Many people engage more with video content. As part of the email follow-up sequence, create more video content about your products and let target customers see more of the value you offer. Send them product demos and let them see your products in action. 

Step 5: Get on the Sales Call

When the prospect booked the appointment, you can get on a call with them. Since you understand their pain points, convincing them to purchase your products will be easy.

You have been running follow-up emails and nurturing them through the sales funnels by providing more information to help them trust your brand. 

Before the call starts, you must be fully prepared to handle your prospective customer’s questions because they will have them.

If you can effectively handle your customers and sell them through your products, you can quickly get them to convert and use your high-ticket products. 

Here is an example of an entrepreneur Dan Lok, who sells high-ticket training and consultations.

Source: DanLok Shop

Step 6: Customer Success and Retention

When the lead finally converts into a customer, you need to ensure you nurture them and onboard them well to your business. Your business should always have an excellent customer support system to help customers when they need help. 

Customers will keep using the business when they get excellent services and value from your high-ticket product. They can even become your brand ambassador and invite others to try out your business.

It becomes easy for a target customer to make a purchase from a brand when they are referred by another customer who is using the service or product and getting a high ROI for their investment. 

For example, this customer testimonial by Winning International will drive more prospects who are in debt to start using the coaching training to improve their debts.

Source: Winning International

Keep your Funnel Simple & Shoot Straight to Schedule the Appointment

A great tool to help with prospect appointment scheduling can make the sales funnel of your high-ticket products easy. 

As you run your brand marketing campaigns, it is essential to have a sales funnel to nurture your target customers. This is how you get them to convert into customers for your high-ticket products.

Ensure you have a simple funnel and guide your target customers most simply through the stages as you get them to trust your business and convert into customers.

Use the above strategies to drive demand for your products, get your high ticket products to target customers to know about your business, and nurture them to become esteemed customers for your business.

 Author Bio Bhujal Patel

With 10+ years of marketing and SEO experience, Bhujal is passionate about helping businesses get more revenue and profit through customized strategies. Bhujal lives in Toronto, ON, and writes about online business ideas and scaling organic growth at mydigitalkube.com. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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