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Healthcare Scheduling Software: SimplyBook.me is one of the best

Amie Parnaby
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With an increasing number of scheduling software providers showing up on the market, it can be challenging to make a perfect choice. If you want to implement an online booking portal, you need to get some perspective and outside opinions on the software you’re considering. Differing business sectors require very diverse functionality. This is when you search for testimonials on independent review sites. If you’re looking for a healthcare scheduling platform or software recommendation, GetApp has its most recent list of the Top 5 providers for the medical industry – and we’re on it! 

GetApp is an independent review and comparison site that allows people to research and review companies and software providers. While it’s great to explore potential providers from their extensive lists, a run of poor reviews could mean disaster for a company. As an independent company, they publish the good, the bad and the less pretty reviews – so it#s not always sunshine and roses.

Meeting medical professionals’ scheduling needs

The healthcare industry faces significantly different and more stringent requirements than an average service business. This remains true whether it’s a private or publically funded medical practice. Privacy laws, system security, access restriction, data sharing and integrations all require more from scheduling software than non-medical businesses. Moreover, SimplyBook.me is stepping up to meet those demands and expectations. 

Some of the most common features that our healthcare providers use for their organisations are as follows:

  • SOAP (with encryption)
  • SMS gateway 
  • Intake forms
  • Clients login
  • Multiple Locations
  • Additional Customised Web Pages
  • Accept (online) payments
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Book soon reminders

A new custom feature coming soon is the medical testing functionality, allowing clients to follow up with their patients automatically depending on the test results. I imagine that feature will be beneficial.

We’re thrilled to be in the top 5 healthcare scheduling software providers on GetApp.

We strongly believe in the scheduling software we provide to our healthcare clients (and every other client using our system). However, it’s great for us to find out that they think so too. 

In many respects, healthcare and medical businesses face significantly increased security requirements. It’s great to see that the tools we have developed to facilitate our medical clients and make their business lives easier are being used. 

How we got there

Get App has a specific method for allocating a spot in the top five providers on their review site. To be considered for this top spot, the following criteria are essential.

  • Provide Calendar/Scheduling management as the core feature
  • Have at least 20 reviews from healthcare reviewers over the past two years
  • Meet the accepted market definition of scheduling software

The five providers listed have the highest ratings in the healthcare sector in comparison with their market competitors. ONLY reviews and ratings from the healthcare sector have been used to create this Top 5 list.

Given the omission of some of our most notable competitors from this list, SimplyBook.me is definitely doing something right.

How we plan to move forwards with healthcare scheduling provision

At SimplyBook.me, we regularly talk to our users to determine what we need to improve and what features they would find helpful for their businesses. Recently, with everything that has happened globally, our attention has been firmly fixed on the needs of the healthcare sector. 

More than ever, health services in countries worldwide need sufficient and effective automated appointment scheduling for patients – even though some medical sectors have long resisted the idea. By talking to our healthcare clients, we’ll determine what they need for their patient care, access, security and patient records to make SimplyBook.me the ideal choice for their practice.

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