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Halloween Wedding Ideas Without Cheese (Yes, They Exist)

Ingvar Gudmundsson
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Halloween wedding ideas

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Halloween is awesome! I’ve loved the day and everything even remotely related to the day of the spooksters ever since I was five and I still do.  

Everything except Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”.

Not that this 2005’s modern classic is a bad story or the visuals suck. No, these things are actually perfect. The real problem I have with the cartoon is that everyone and their mother is into it.

Just like Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad look from last year, Corpse Bride has lost her charm over the years and is now but a shadow of its original glory. It is beyond lame and trivial today and it will remain so forever.

Or until its retro enough to be mainstream again…

Same can be said about weddings in All Hallows Eve. The couple wants them to be stylish, extraordinary, edgy even. But, in reality, they suck because of all the extra pounds of cheese.

I mean, for real, in what universe is a pumpkin even remotely edgy?

Luckily, I work with a lot of wedding planners on SimplyBook.me and we’eve raised this issue recently. Need I say most of them hate working on Halloween? But they are professionals and have shared quite a few tips and tricks that I, in turn, will share with you!

Don’t be such a baby!

Halloween weddings not for kids

Halloween is a holiday for the youngsters. Kids love to play dress up and hunt for candies. Pumpkins, webs, bats, and candles come hand-in-hand with happy childhood memories. Don’t let them near your wedding!

There is one thing and one thing alone you may wish to take to your wedding from All Hallows Eve – the atmosphere. Forget about traditional accessories and concentrate on the spooky creepers. That’s your only chance of having a great time and impressing the guests.

Start with picking a theme. I was told of an amazing wedding in Wichita that – you’ve guessed it – took place during Halloween and was themed as an event for serial killers.

Everything from the invitations with a simple puzzle made out of cut letters from magazines and to a hired actor that just stood silently outside the restaurant in a spooky rabbit mask for hours staring point-blank at the guests gave the wedding an unforgettable vibe.

Just to make sure: a photobooth with pumpkins and witches is bad. An actor hired to freak out the guests in a serial killer’s outfit is an awesome idea. Don’t overkill it though!

Have the guts! 

If you have an idea and it seems too crazy – it is exactly what you need. Wedding planners have seen their fair share of weddings that could have otherwise been unforgettable, but the couple chose a more traditional (lame) approach because the guests might freak out.

The wedding is on Halloween – isn’t that exactly what you want?

Couples often underestimate the sense of style and humor of their guests. But come on, if you came up with the idea and find it amusing – why wouldn’t your close ones do the same? I’ve heard of an amazing wedding with a crazy vibe and it had a 15 feet zombie t-rex doll. Let me write this one more time. Zombies. Dinosaurs. Together.

Now that’s what we call a mashup from heaven!

Will every single guest love it? Hell no but, as my mother always said – you can’t make everyone happy, honey.

Have a happy Halloween!

This is pretty much the final tip for you. If you choose the night of the ghosts and the ghouls as the theme for your wedding – kick back and enjoy the spooks.

Have a Happy Halloween and don’t let the werewolves bite you!

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