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How to Get Your Video Seen On YouTube? Through These SEO Tricks

Ingvar Gudmundsson
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As we’ve already discussed earlier, people are uploading 90 petabytes of content to YouTube on a daily basis. If you were to watch all of these videos alone, it would take you three and a half years without food or sleep. Man, all that in just one day of uploads?

Damn, that’s a huge mess. How are people finding what they want to see in all of that clutter? They use the search bar, of course. And you, as a business owner, can have your videos ranked on page 1 for keywords of choice in the search results through some SEO tricks.

Video title

The title you create for your video is one of the most important elements of YouTube marketing both in terms of ranking and in terms of “play” clicks.

You must know what people are looking for in order to deliver just that. One of the best ways to do so would be through the search bar. It has a handy auto-complete feature.

Try typing in your niche and then try typing it with something like “how to” and you will get a handy list of things people are actually looking for. Focus on these keywords while making your videos.

By the way, the name of the video itself matters as well. YouTube_marketing_tips.mp4 will rank higher than whatever-random-video-name10013.mp4. SEO does its magic even while the video is still rendering. Pay attention to this fact.

Video Description

Whatever you do or write in your description – make sure that the most important keywords should always be placed in the first few lines as they are the only ones visible to people before they click to see the full description (which they probably won’t).

If you are making a video about making a new haircut at home, make sure you use your keywords like “haircut”, “at home” and “DIY” in the opening sentence.

You should also use some links in the description of your video. They will not help the video to rank higher, but they will help out your website with an awesome link from a domain with high authority. That is vital.


Tags are nothing more than a convenient way for you to list a whole lot of keywords alongside your video. Use your primary keyword as the first tag and dance along with supporting long-tailers.

Long tail keywords, by the way, are your keywords with some stuff added to them. For example: “Buy shoes” is a keyword and “Buy shoes in NY” or “Buy Niles in NY” are long tail keywords. They add more information and specify search requests.

As a general rule of thumb, you should include them into your every SEO effort as, while falling in search volumes they are also less competitive to rank for and attract more relevant audiences to your business.

Do you have any other handy SEO tricks for YouTube? Feel free to share them all in the comments section below!

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