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Custom Intervals Before Reservation – A new custom feature release from Simplybook.me

Amie Parnaby
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custom Intervals Before Booking

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You might not know this, but SimplyBook.me has a “suggestion box”, and we keep a close eye on it to see which features you desperately crave for your booking systems. This is why we have introduced the new custom feature allowing you to set custom intervals before clients can book. It’s one of the most frequently requested features many of you have asked for.

custom interval before service reservation custom feature

And best of all, it’s a freebie. Toggle the switch to blue and get started.

Intervals Before Booking

We have always had the option for you to set an interval before clients can book an appointment. Whether that interval was 30 minutes or 30 days, it applied to the whole business. 

As many people have commented, having someone book days in advance is not always necessary. However, if you require someone to book a specific service that needs significant preparation and personalisation, you would either have to omit the service from the booking system or apply the interval to the whole system. Neither of those options is particularly helpful.

Now you can create custom intervals for any of your services. This feature gives you more control over your booking schedule and allows you to tailor your services to your needs.

How to Set Custom Pre-booking Intervals in SimplyBook.me

To set up this feature, you will first need to access the “Manage” page for the services or classes you provide.

Manage services in SimplyBook.me

From here, you will select the service for which you want to set a specific custom interval. Go to the “Time settings” within the particular service or class.

assign custom intervals in the time details of the service

Here, you can set the minimum and maximum time intervals required before a client can make a booking. For example, if you select a minimum custom interval of 2 hours, customers cannot book a service or class less than 2 hours in advance. If you choose a maximum interval of 5 days, customers cannot book a service or class more than five days in advance.

This feature can be valuable for businesses with high service demand, as it can help manage your bookings more efficiently. By setting custom minimum or maximum intervals, you can ensure you have plenty of time to prepare for each booking.

No, It’s not Extra Work

Don’t worry. If you don’t need to set custom intervals for every service you provide, you don’t need to select the same interval for them. We aren’t trying to create more work for you. You can still set a standard interval that covers the whole business.

Use company standard intervals for your basic requirements.

If most of your services only require booking more than one hour in advance, you can set this in your company settings. You only need to select the minimum and maximum custom intervals in the specific service that deviates from the norm.

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