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Have you ever thought that you could use your time more efficiently and reach a broader range of clients if you could offer video conference appointments? Now there’s integration between and to facilitate your video conferencing appointment needs.

Why Use Video Appointments?

Fair enough, you can’t use video appointments for everything. Until the technology becomes exceptionally advanced, you can’t have your nails done, a hair cut or a massage over a video call. However, if you offer consultation advice, fitness coaching, counselling, or tutoring services, then video calls can let clients from farther afield benefit from your service provision. It also means that you don’t have to travel to accommodate them; we all know that travel time is usually a waste of time. Additionally, including video appointments in your service provision increases your accessibility to those who cannot visit you for any reason, whether through disability, business or home commitments.

Why Use Gruveo?

So you already have Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger etc. Why would you need another video conferencing app? That’s easy!

Gruveo has a benefit that none of the other video chat apps has. 

While it might sound simple enough to have Skype calling available for your clients, they can contact you whenever they want, once they have your ID. allows you to create one-time call rooms for each video appointment. There’s no jumping in with “just a quick question,” outside of their allotted meeting time, which would throw out your schedule. 

Not only can you prohibit contact at unauthorised times, but you can also create call rooms for communal video appointments, in which you can invite several people (up to 12) to participate in the same booking. This can be extremely useful for including people separated by distance who need the same information or service into a single meeting. An example could be a company with remote staff who all need the data from a marketing consultation. 

How you can use Gruveo Video Appointments

Depending on the type of business and services you offer, video appointments can be invaluable for expanding your reach and even marketing your services. 

Consultation, Business & Personal Services

If you offer in-person consultation services, whether it’s business services, personal or spiritual advice, or (non-medical) counselling. You can supplement your available time and increase your client base by offering video conferencing. By adding video conferencing with Gruveo, you can impart your advice, support your client through difficult times, or provide your services without asking you or your client to leave their location.

Fitness & Sporting

If you offer fitness classes or one-to-one sessions, you can increase your business by providing interactive video classes, or informative one-to-one sessions. At the same time, your customers can participate in the meeting from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Not only does interactive video increase your client reach, but it also can reduce your site costs, if you don’t need to hire a permanent space for your business. 

Just as an example, there are dozens of online yoga platforms, but how many of them offer interactive sessions where the tutor can see postures and tell their students how to correct it?

Teaching & Tutoring

Teaching and tutoring can benefit significantly from video conferencing via Gruveo. You can create group calls with up to 12 people. If you have a particular field of expertise, you can market your tutoring nationwide without you or your clients ever needing to travel. 

How to Use Gruveo Video Appointments with

 To give your clients access to a call room, you can use the email confirmation settings in your settings on your dashboard. 

  • Client’s booking confirmation template;
  • New booking confirmation template for the service provider;
  • Reminder template for clients;
  • Reminder to providers.

You can customise these emails with a small change, replacing “Appointment code: [code]” with “Please click the following link at the time and date you booked to start the video appointment:[code]“. The code will automatically generate for the specific video appointment. For more detailed information about how to link your clients to a one-time call room, you can check out our help centre

If you offer both video AND in-person sessions, you will need to have two separate services listed on your site. Each service specifying whether they are in-person or online video. That way you won’t confuse the issue with sending a video call link to an in-person appointment.

Try it out!

If you want to trial video consultations, to see how it will fit into your business model, Gruveo offers a 14-day free trial (just like us). You can also tailor your subscription requirements by indicating the number of users and links you might require. Gruveo uses industry-standard encryption, so your conversations are secure.

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