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December newsletter

December Newsletter – Updates and New Features

We are thrilled to share with you some fantastic December updates that have been rolled out over the last month. Our team has been working tirelessly to enhance your experience and we can’t wait for you to try these new features. Let’s dive in! Tap to Pay with Stripe on Android Devices Embracing the future […]

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BEIA Med: Easy Bookings with

Beia Med Spa based in Miami is redefining medical aesthetics with its full range of specialised, non-surgical facial and beauty treatments. At the heart of their business is a commitment to excellent spa bookings, significantly enhanced by’s versatile features. Beia Med has incorporated each feature, offering clients a smooth and exceptional service journey. […]

Daena Skinner


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Golf booking

Pachesham Golf: Booking Made Easy with

Here at, we’re thrilled to feature Pachesham Golf Centre, a top golf destination in Surrey. Renowned for its innovative Super Six Hole Golf Course, Pachesham transforms the golf booking process, making it more accessible and time-efficient. Their approach to golfing, including Surrey’s longest floodlit driving range and meticulously crafted practice areas, captivates golf enthusiasts. […]

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spa booking

5 Essential Reasons to Implement Online Booking at Your Spa

Spas have always been synonymous with relaxation and wellness. In our tech-savvy era, adopting an online booking system is a pivotal move for spas, offering numerous advantages for both clients and business operations. Let’s explore five key reasons why this technology is indispensable for your spa. 1. Enhanced Customer Experience Online booking provides unmatched convenience, […]

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Productivity hacks for online small businesses

6 Productivity Hacks for Online Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind? Do productivity tips often seem like they’re geared toward larger enterprises, leaving you to fend for yourself in the bustling online marketplace? You’re not alone. Small business owners juggle numerous tasks, from customer service to inventory management, often with limited resources. The struggle […]

Olga Pak


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Products for sale standalone feature Unveils Standalone Product Sales Feature

Exciting news for our users! We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature: Standalone Product Sales. This much-anticipated update opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to sell products directly on your booking page, independent of service bookings. It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to broaden their online retail presence. […]

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Custom Made Maids

Custom Made Maids: Revolutionising Cleaning with

Custom Made Maids isn’t just another cleaning company in the US; they’re redefining cleanliness with a personalised touch. Custom Made Maids focuses on tailored solutions, from regular maintenance to deep cleans. They meet each client’s unique needs effectively. Central to this customised service delivery is, which streamlines their operations and enhances client interaction. Membership […]

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Support award 2023 Best Customer Support Award from Software Advice

In the world of online booking and business management solutions, customer support isn’t just a feature – it’s the backbone of a successful service. That’s why we at are thrilled to share some exciting news with our valued users and partners: We’ve been honored with the 2023 Best Customer Support Award from Software Advice! […]

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Ossi Photography Family

Ossi Photography: Simplifying Bookings with

In the heart of family memories is Ossi Photography, capturing the essence of togetherness in their newborn and maternity shoots. Behind the scenes, plays a crucial role, streamlining the booking process and enhancing client communication, so every session is as seamless as it is special. Seamless Online Payments The heart of Ossi Photography’s business […]

Daena Skinner


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Why Is a Better Choice for Your Business Than Shore

In the ever-evolving world of online scheduling and appointment management, choosing the right tool can make or break your business’s success. Two popular contenders in this space are and Shore. While both offer a range of features for business owners, today we will explore why we feel that stands out as a superior […]

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zen break spa

Zen Break: Enhancing Wellness Spa Bookings with

In the serene city of Lausanne, Switzerland, lies a haven of tranquility and rejuvenation – Zen Break. This wellness spa is a sanctum where traditional massages blend with unique offerings like Reiki and sound baths, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. Yet, the holistic experience at Zen Break begins much before one steps into their […]

Daena Skinner