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Custom Gift Card Designs

Custom Gift Cards & Coupons – Make Your Own

Gift cards and coupons are not merely the province of the department store or high street retailer. Services are just as easily given as gifts, and if you are trying to promote offers and promotions, there is a lot to be said about creating promotional coupons. While we have always had the option for our […]

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Whye video testimonials are a game-changer

Why Video Testimonials Are a Game-Changer for Your Business

Are you a business manager or owner constantly looking to stand out against competitors and draw in new clients? You’ve tried various marketing tactics, such as ads on social media or emails. But have you considered using videos for testimonials? Videos are an invaluable company asset, allowing your customers to express their opinions on your […]

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Smile Pop Case Study

Smile Pop: A case study for cosmetic dentistry with

It’s fabulous to see how our users employ to solve all their scheduling needs. This week we are looking at Smile Pop, a relative newcomer to, but not a stranger to online scheduling. Smile Pop is a leading orthodontic and teeth-whitening clinic in the Flatiron District in New York. It is well-known for […]

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FAQs about Online Scheduling Systems

Top FAQs about Online Scheduling Systems – Unravelling the Mystery

In this continuously developing digital age, businesses and entrepreneurs have become increasingly reliant on technology to streamline their procedures and improve productivity. Amongst these digital tools, online scheduling systems have become invaluable solutions, revolutionising how people organise appointments, meetings, and events. These systems have become an essential asset for service businesses, healthcare clinics, academic institutions, […]

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How to Write Better Push Notifications that Grab Interest

Write Better Push Notifications that Grab Interest

Do you remember the last time you click on a push notification? It could be a sales offering from your favorite shop or a new marketing email notification.  Whatever the case, we don’t pay attention to all push notifications. It takes a carefully crafted message to capture the user’s interest and motivate them to take […]

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Boost your app downlaods with powerful Video Marketing

6 Powerful Video Marketing Tips to Boost Your App Downloads

Are you struggling to get your mobile app noticed in a sea of competitors? Well, you’re not alone. With millions of apps on Google Play and App Store, it can be challenging to establish a core audience that helps your app thrive. That’s where video content comes into play as an effective way to showcase […]

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May developments newsletter May Newsletter – Customised Gift Cards & System Enhancements You’ll Love

Hi, and welcome to’s May newsletter! I hope this message finds your business prospering and you in good health and spirits. I can’t wait to share some exciting news with you this month. Our team has been hard at work on new developments and upcoming releases that we can’t wait to share with you. […]

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Search Bar in the Admin Interface – find everything, Simply.

The aim of the game is to keep everything as simple as possible. However, when a software solution like grows and implements the dozens of client requests and suggestions that we have, some of that simplicity disappears. It’s a question of balance. Can we give you the features and functionality you need AND the […]

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5 Things to Include in an Invoice Template For Cleaning Services

5 Things to Include in an Invoice Template For Cleaning Services

Cleaning can be very fulfilling, but it’s also hard work. So, if you provide cleaning services, it’s important that you and your workers are paid for your time and effort. Invoicing and ensuring payment can be a sore point for cleaning businesses, especially smaller domestic cleaning businesses. It’s too easy for private clients to forget […]



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How small businesses can be GDPR compliant_ Why it's so important

How small businesses can be GDPR compliant: Why it’s so important

Every online business knows that data is king. Handled properly, data can be a gold mine for businesses. But if you mismanage your data, your organization could be in a heap of trouble. Today, we’ll look at how to be GDPR compliant and why it’s so crucial for small businesses.  What is GDPR?  Let’s start […]

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The power of online booking systems - Streamline your business operations

The Power of Online Booking Systems: How It Can Streamline Your Business Operation

You can’t rely on phone calls and emails anymore. They’re too slow, confusing, and inefficient for you and your customers. You need a better solution from now on. Something that works 24/7, automates the booking process and enhances your customer’s experience. In short, you need an online booking solution. An online booking solution allows your […]

Sarun Ravindran