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Mini Madams’ Unique Spa Experience Powered by SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Mini Madams

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Nestled in the UK is a spa like no other: Mini Madams, designed especially for children, delivers more than just pampering. Tailored specifically for children, Mini Madams infuses every beauty treatment with invaluable lessons on kindness, confidence, empowerment, and the importance of friendship. To enhance this unique experience, Mini Madams has adopted SimplyBook.me, bridging their heartwarming ethos with modern booking convenience.



Positive word of mouth is a testament to exemplary service, and Mini Madams cherishes each one. Using SimplyBook.me’s Reviews feature, clients can actively share their authentic experiences. The booking website showcases these heartfelt testimonials, giving a glimpse into the world of Mini Madams. To uphold the integrity of these reviews, SimplyBook.me mandates verification through Google, Facebook or Twitter.


Gift Cards

Mini Madams makes gifting seamless and thoughtful. With SimplyBook.me’s Gift Cards feature, clients can surprise their loved ones with customisable, good-looking gift cards, ranging from £10 to £100. Whether it’s a digital code sent via email or a beautifully designed physical card, the choice is versatile. And behind the scenes, Mini Madams relies on SimplyBook.me’s robust system to track every issued gift card, ensuring they’re always up-to-date with their records.

Gift Cards

Service Categories

Mini Madams is not just a spa; it’s a diverse experience. With SimplyBook.me’s Service Categories feature, they’ve organized their offerings into clear sections: workshops, parties, day spas, events, and special occasions like Halloween 2023 and Christmas 2023. Clients can easily navigate through these categories, choosing the perfect Mini Madams experience tailored for them.

Service Categories

Accept Deposits

With the SimplyBook.me Deposit feature, clients are encouraged to confirm their spa slots by paying a deposit or the full service amount. Not only does this streamline the payment process, but it also reduces the chances of missed appointments. And for those preferring offline payments? Mini Madams ensures every transaction is verified, keeping the booking process seamless and transparent.


Product For Sale

At Mini Madams, the experience doesn’t end with their spa sessions. With the integration of SimplyBook.me’s “Product for Sale” feature, clients can indulge in a curated range of products. Dive into an assortment of bath bombs, sweet candy treats, or even fidget spinners, keyrings, hairbands, and dolls. It’s not just a spa, it’s a complete experience topped with delightful additions.

Products For Sale


Leveraging the features of SimplyBook.me, Mini Madams offers a streamlined and intuitive booking process, mirroring their dedication to fostering kindness, confidence, and empowerment. The tools and features they’ve seamlessly integrated don’t just ease the reservation journey but elevate the entire guest experience, ensuring that every visit is a step towards discovering inner beauty and positivity.

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