Memes Only Small Business Owners Will Find Funny

All work and no play make entrepreneurs dull boys and girls. So, as one of the most famous movie villains once said, “Why. So. Serious?”

Come on guys, its Friday! Is there a better day to have fun in our small, yet powerful circle of small business owners?

It certainly is not, sir Cat

It certainly is not…

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A win is a win, guys!

Get ready world, the new, rich me is soon to go wild!

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Why you do this, Government?

The math says that I owe more than I earn. Well played taxes, well played!

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My new business motto!

I already sold enough lemonade anyway. The time has come for some “me” time!

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Is it that time already?

God damn it…

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That it is..

What else did you expect from this whole shenanigan?

I Laughed out loud


This one is for you, techies!

This one is for you…


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