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Membership Feature Updates and Improvements [VIDEO]

Amie Parnaby
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The membership feature has undergone several updates and improvements over the past few months. Now we have a new video to show just how much we’ve been making the membership feature more functional and versatile.

While there have always been several ways that businesses could use the Membership feature to engage clients and encourage repeated visits, there are more reasons to do it now.

One-off Payments, Monthly Subscription or Something Different.

Memberships come in many forms, whether that’s a one-off nominal payment, a monthly subscription, or an ad hoc renewal programme. You can use memberships as a VIP programme for your regular clients, or you can use them as an access method for your clients.

Continuous Development to the Membership Feature  

When we first introduced the membership feature, it was just a function that only your clients could purchase. Over the months, we’ve made upgrades and improvements to allow you more control over membership creation and management.

Admin Membership Creation 

New functionality to the membership feature means that you can create and assign memberships from within the admin panel of your booking site. With this additional control, you have more in-depth access to how your memberships work for your clients. 

If you want to issue a gift membership for a loyal or longstanding client, or maybe you want to offer it as a prize or gift, you can do it from the admin panel, with no additional input from the recipient—a pleasant surprise for whoever receives it.

Online Purchase Not Necessary

We made memberships available for on-site purchase through the SimplyBook.me Point of Sale (PoS) feature. Because the PoS system links to the booking system and the client details, your clients can just as easily buy a membership on-site as they can online. Despite us living lives that we live and pay for online, many people are still not comfortable making card transactions online. 

Unsupported Payment Options

While we understand that some people don’t like to make payments online. One of our more recent updates allows you to create a recurring subscription that doesn’t need an online payment option. If a client wants to pay on-site, you can create an automatic subscription renewal. By doing this, you give clients payment options not supported by an online system, like cash or credit card. Then all you need to do is approve the renewal once you have received the on-site payment.

Retrospective Membership Creation.

Our newest update is to allow you to create memberships retrospectively. With a membership that allows discounted access to services, you can create a membership for people who decide they need it afterwards.

Memberships in the Time of Coronavirus.

Membership payments could keep your business ticking over while the rest of the service industry is wallowing. Some businesses are waiving membership fees while everyone is in isolation at home. However, if you can successfully transfer your services online, there is no need to deprive your business of the income that will keep you going.

Many fitness businesses and educational businesses have successfully provided online classes and 1-2-1 for a while. If you can do something similar to your client membership, you are more likely to come out of the other side of this pandemic with a business intact and ready to go. Maybe you will have grown your business with an alternative client base.

Can you serve your membership clients with video calls, classes and advice? If you can do it!

Take care and keep yourself and your business healthy. No one knows precisely when the world will get to normal, so explore your options.

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