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How to Make Your Instagram Business Page Shine With New Colors

Ingvar Gudmundsson
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Oh, Instagram, the source of inspiration for countless millennials, a visual gem and the perfect “look at how cool I am” platform. I could sing love songs about how remarkable this quintessence of social media is, but we are here for a different reason. We are here to make your page shine with new colors so it can attract new leads to book your calendar like a magnet.

Starting things off, let’s talk about the most entrepreneurial aspect of Instagram – its business profiles. If you haven’t switched to one yet, you should. ASAP if you wish to maintain a filled booking schedule.

You should do this for a series of reasons:

  • You might get a chance to add links to your Instagram stories. Businesses with more than 10K followers are allowed to do that.
  • Promoted posts are a thing. They work just like boosting your post on Facebook and it’s quite handy.
  • Then there are the analytics tools: If you are willing to invest in advertising in social media it’s best to know who to target and how well your budget is spent over the course of each campaign.

Try posting teasers

Ok, now that your business page is set up the time has come to talk about marketing a product or a service. And what can be better than showing off what you have to offer? Why teasing people with what’s yet to come, of course.

The trick here is to generate the hype for something new, but there are obvious downsides to this method. For starters, something new equals to something yet untested. You will lack some trust factors like reviews, testimonials or comments about the product.

Mitigate this risk by adding immediate value. For example, the people who will pre-order a service today will get a 50% discount.

Then, in turn, the people you’ve attracted with the price tag will generate the much-needed testimonials for ongoing clients willing to pay full price after time passes.

Use your stories wisely

What is Instagram Stories? It’s actually quite hard to tell. You need to experience them for yourself in order to get a grip of an instrument as flexible as this one.

In essence, Instagram stories are a series of visual content crammed together into a single dashboard. They are meant to, well, tell a story. The only difference is that photos and videos are used instead of words.

One cooler thing about them is that they don’t show up in the cramped feed. They have a whole section to themselves on top.

The best way of using them (from the experience of our clients) is to show some cool stuff from behind the scenes. Visualize your work day and share it with the community to create a personalized bond and show that there are awesome people behind your business, not just a fancy logo.

However, given the nature of stories – you are free to show whatever you want. The only limit is your own imagination.

Partner with other pages

Cross-promotion between several pages in the same niche can lead to miraculous results. Your audiences think alike, have the same interests and share a lot of things in common. Then why keep them separated?

Don’t think of it as a way to drive your leads away to another business page. Think of it as a way of attracting people from that page to you.

Do you have any other cool Instagram marketing tips you wish to share? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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