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L’OCCITANE: Spa Booking Powered by SimplyBook.me

Daena Skinner
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Spa Booking

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L’OCCITANE Beauty Centre, known for it’s natural spa treatments, simplifies its booking process with SimplyBook.me. Discover how this spa blends effortless online booking with expert beauty treatments, offering clients a hassle-free way to schedule their relaxation and rejuvenation.

Google Translate

In catering to its diverse clientele, L’OCCITANE Beauty Centre utilises SimplyBook.me’s Google Translate feature to offer services in English, Chinese, and Japanese. This ensures that customers, regardless of their preferred language, can easily access and understand the full range of services, making the spa experience inclusive and welcoming for everyone.


Client feedback is a foundation at L’OCCITANE. Through SimplyBook.me’s Reviews feature, clients can share their experiences, helping others make informed choices and aiding the Centre in maintaining and enhancing its high standard of service.

News Feature

L’OCCITANE keeps clients updated with the latest in spa treatments and offers through SimplyBook.me’s News feature. This tool allows them to share important updates and information, keeping their clientele engaged and informed.

Multiple Locations

With SimplyBook.me’s Multiple Locations feature, clients can effortlessly find and book services at any L’OCCITANE Beauty Centre location. This feature simplifies the booking process for both the client and the Centre, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Service Categories

L’OCCITANE Beauty Centre organises its diverse treatments into distinct service categories on their booking page, including Special Offer Treatments, Facial Treatments, Body Massage Treatments, L’Occitane Beloved Member & Spa Member Area, and Credit Card Discount Treatment Area. This clear categorisation aids clients in effortlessly navigating and selecting the ideal treatment for their specific needs, thereby improving the overall user experience.

Service Add-Ons

The Centre’s Service Add-Ons feature at L’OCCITANE Beauty Centre allows clients to enhance their spa experience. Options include the Secret of Youth Anti-aging Massage, Relaxing Aromachologie Massage, and Shea Fabulous Massage. Clients can also choose a Leg Refresher with Essential Oils, among many others. This flexibility enables a truly customised approach. Each client can tailor their visit to meet specific relaxation and beauty needs, making every session unique and fulfilling.

Client Login

The Client Login feature provided by SimplyBook.me enables clients of L’OCCITANE Beauty Centre to manage their bookings efficiently. This personalised access ensures that clients can easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments as needed. It adds a layer of convenience to their spa experience.

Client Fields

Through the Client Fields feature, L’OCCITANE captures essential client information for a more tailored spa experience. This data helps therapists customise treatments to individual preferences and needs, ensuring each visit is personalised and unique.


L’OCCITANE Beauty Centre’s use of SimplyBook.me simplifies the booking process, making it easy for clients to choose and schedule their spa treatments. By offering organised service categories and a range of add-ons, they provide a personalised spa experience for each client. This efficient use of technology ensures a relaxing and convenient visit every time.

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