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Interview with Ingvar, Founder & VP of Sales

Amie Parnaby
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Interview with Ingvar

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This week I was able to pin down a brief interview with Ingvar, founder and VP of Sales for SimplyBook.me. Ingvar is the driving force behind new developments and pushing the business to be everything it can be for our clients. 

For company cohesion and communication, Invgvar shares his time around the four different offices. However, he’s always on top of the game and available on Slack if needed.

Let’s get to the Quickfire Interview with Invgar

“How did SimplyBook.me originate, the inciting moment?”

SimplyBook.me began because someone approached us to make a booking system for a car tire workshop. It worked wonderfully for them, so we developed it so that others could register to use it as well.

“How did you approach building the team to make SimplyBook.me the company it is today?”

We first created our original team to develop an accounting, inventory, webshop and salary system, based on my own development, which was then used by some hundreds of companies in Iceland. 

The first team member, hired in 2006 for this new project, was a brilliant guy from Ukraine and he introduced me to another woman developer that same year who then joined the team. She also brought with her several of her colleagues. Together, they created a powerful accounting, webshop software, which is still in use in Iceland. 

However, we quickly realized that the booking solution would have a far broader appeal internationally, so we put full focus on this in 2011.

“Which aspects of the business, and your role, give you the greatest sense of achievement?”

I love seeing ideas becoming a reality, seeing both small and huge companies benefiting from a solution that we as a team have created. I also love seeing team members growing in their roles and becoming stronger than me in their relevant positions.

“What’s your vision for the future of SimplyBook.me?”

Our vision is to create the most flexible, simple to use booking system in the world, enabling clients worldwide to book appointments through any channel with their favourite service provider.

Just for giggles and fun, I also asked him;

“In a karaoke challenge, what would be your song?” 

Ulala, that’s a difficult one as my singing is no good at all, and the music I mostly listen to is Deep house, which is not really music you would find in a karaoke challenge. But if I could sing, I would probably choose one of my favourites Forever Young with Alphaville!

And Ingvar is not alone, so many of us can’t sing, but that doesn’t stop a lot of people trying, just for laughs.

For more information about the origins and the team behind SimplyBook.me you can visit our About Us page. Here you can see the ethos and goals of the company, and even nosy at our team members.

Last month we talked to Tommy, Head of Support, if you missed that on you can see it here,

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